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Greetings adventurers! Here's a post that lists all the elements you can download from Patreon, based on your tier, so you don't have to do some archaelogy to find them by yourself. I'll update it when new things can be downloaded.

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Spreadsheet (Adventurer Tier)

Adventurers+ Patrons downloads

Sun Temple (6 ambiences, 3 maps) 

Heliana's Guide 2/11 : (Full Scenario and 5 ambiences)

Plane of Chaos Monastery (BIG adventure collaboration, maps, tokens, etc.)

The "Spiral Trial" collaboration (1 map, 6 ambiences, 3 SFX)

A gift from Forgotten Tales & Star Maps (3 maps, 3 animated maps)

Heliana's Guide 1/11 : Huge collab (7 ambiences, full scenario, tokens, map)

7th RPG Essentials ambiences album variations (3 ambiences)

Minauros, 3rd layer of Hell (6 ambiences, 1 SFX)

Incubation Room (8 ambiences)

Acid Planet (6 ambiences)

Outpost Sisyphus Pt. 2 (1 Adventure, 3 ambiences, many maps)

Strange Landscapes (7 ambiences, 1 SFX)

Gift maps (16 maps)

Crystal Dungeon (6 ambiances)

The Count's Den (1 map, 4 ambiences, 5 SFX)

Outpost Sisyphus (1 Adventure, 9 ambiences, 2 SFX, 7 maps)

Old Cyberpunk Apartment (1 ambience)

Crash Site (6 ambiences)

Feywild + Violet Valley Gift Maps (8 maps) 

The Frost Jarl (1 map, 6 ambiences, 3 SFX) 

Transportation Pack 1 (4 ambiences) 

Underdark Gift Maps (6 maps) 

Cargo Ship (1 SFX, 5 ambiences) 

Desert Dungeon (2 SFX, 7 ambiences, 2 maps) 

Flying Islands (5 ambiences, 28 maps) 

A mix of ambiences (4 ambiences) 

Fantasy church ambience (1 map)

Cult Mansion (7 ambiences) 

Summoning Circle (4 ambiences, 1 still image, 1 animated) 

Abandoned Mansion (2 ambiences, 5 videos) 

Shadowfell Fortress (1 map, 10 ambiences) 

Derelict Bioship (2 maps, 4 ambiences) 

Noble Gardens (2 maps, 3 ambiences) 

The Day of Mourning (2 ambiences, 6 maps) 

Platforms (10 ambiences, 6 maps)

Friendly Monsters (4 ambiences)

Cursed Lands (4 ambiences)

Slaves Camps (4 ambiences)

Dimension Gates (3 ambiences)

Medieval Village (3 ambiences)

Icewind Dale Bonus Snowing (1 ambience) 

World's End (3 ambiences)

The mimic ship ambiences pack (5 ambiences)

The Morley Estate (Huge collab : maps, minis, props, music, 2 ambiences) 

Incredible Ships maps (2 maps - Gift)

City Temple - No Fire (1 ambience) 

Avernus Pack Vol. 1 (3 ambiences) 

Dragon Barrow (Miniatures + ambience + 2 maps)

Stagecoach (ambience)

Twilight Forest (3 ambiences) 

FoundryVTT Full adventure Collaboration 

Grand Owl Peak (1 ambience and one map pack)

Theros Temple maps (12 maps pack + Foundry Module)

Wolf Forest variation (one ambience)

L'Arsène Ludicrous Larceny (Gigantic module : new race, maps, ambiences, minis, items, etc.) 

Dwarven Lost Sanctuary+Forest River Collab (two big map packs + 3 ambiences) 

Hall of Horrors (three ambiences)

City's Keep (many animated maps + ambience) 

The Gruff & Ready (D&D Full Scenario)

The Great Library (map + ambience)

Haunted Shipwreck (ambience)

Jungle Temple (map + 2 ambiences)

The Shadow Stalker (Map, paper miniature and tokens, 3 ambiences and magical items) 

Herbalist's Shop (ambience)

Serpents' Cliff (HD map + ambience)

Guardian+ Patrons downloads

Sun Temple (2 SFX) 

Hidden Gem (1 song, 2 versions) 

Plane of Chaos Monastery (FoundryVTT Module)

Face the Elemental (1 song, 3 versions)

Dangers of the Swamp (1 song, 2 versions) 

Ruins of Calcheron (1 song, 2 versions)

War Elephants (1 song, 4 versions)

University of magic Pt. 1 (song)

Crash site (2 ambiences, 6 SFX)

University of Magic Pt. 2 (song)

At The Crossroads (song)

Flying Islands (2 ambiences, 1 encounter pdf)

Mage's Dungeon (6 ambiences, full map)

Garden assets (5 ambiences, 2 maps, Full map assets)

Platforms (15 ambiences, 6 maps)

Dinosaur Caravan (4 ambiences)

Meezul's Mansion (2 ambiences)

Iron Giant Collaboration (7 ambiences, 4 maps)

Sand Dragon (song)

Twilight Forest (3 ambiences + 3 Item Cards)

Hydra (song)

Glaenarm's Tavern (song)

The Forging of the Mountains (song)

Xejnem (song)

Arédars, Gods Among Gods (song)

Etterban Corsairs (song)

Through the Desert (song)

Fields of Oreskos No Camp (Additional Ambience)

Hall of Horrors (two ambiences)

City's Keep (two ambiences)

Grand Owl Peak (two ambiences and one map pack)

Everyone (free stuff)

Sun Temple (1 map, 1 ambience) 

Meezul's Mansion (Huge collab : 11 maps, 3 ambiences, etc.)

The Secret of the Porvenir (Huge adventure, ambiences, etc.)

Siren Sea (Map + Ambience)

Fields of Oreskos (2 Maps + Ambience)

Nylea's Shrine (Map + Ambience)

Abora Market of Setessa (Map + Ambience)

Forge God Temple (Foundry Module)

Serpents' Cliff (map + ambience)

Path of the Elders (song)

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