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  • [new] Access to all Meek thumbnail sketches for future chapters- Patreon exclusive content (begins Oct 2019)
  •  Access to the full high-res Shingworks tutorial archive
  •  Access to all new tutorials, once the tutorial goal has been reached
  • Access to 100% of weekly sketches
  • All of the PDF comics :U
  • Access to exclusive wallpapers AND wallpaper PSD files, plus the ability to suggest and vote on new wallpaper ideas
  • Forbidden livestream access
  • Behind-the-scenes sketches, in-progress work, side comics, peeks into the Meek bible, etc
  • Access to development work and announcements about new projects
  • Periodic .psd files for interesting things
  • Access to most other stuff. Honestly this tier is where I'll post most everything
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are a hero and a king amongst your fellows
  • General Support
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