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Tales From The Ridge: Episode One - The Ballad of Billy Leone

Billy is a bounty hunter, or at least that's what he tells himself. In reality, he's a scavenger, picking up odd jobs and an occasional wanted poster for the credits it takes to fill up the gas tank of his space ship "The Concord". 

Billy and his crew have landed on Messier 1, a planet on the edge of the Andromeda system that could generously be called civilization. Their target is the most notorious gunslinger in the galaxy but for some reason, Billy is more nervous about asking his cohort, Lark, on a date than he is about bringing in the bounty. 

Originally written for "The One That Got Away" Wattpad Stars Anthology, "The Ballad of Billy Leone" is the first episode of the "Tales From The Ridge Podcast". For a transcript follow this link! If you want to read Gunslingers & Galaxies, the standalone book starring Cash go here. 

Written by: R. E. Levy

Narrated by: Kyle Lenhoff

Thank you so much to these users on Freesound.org for the use of their sound effects:

jjhouse4, Flemur, benjaminharveydesign, tdes, Danjocross, EricsSoundschm, strangy, RTB45, cmusounddesig, EpicWizard, florianreichelt, hifijohn, Guardian2433, IneQuation.


Jontar: Non-human species of large aliens best described as gigantic anthropomorphic lizards. They average six feet and up in height with clawed hands and bright scale patterns.

Caelifera: A bug-like humanoid species of alien with an exoskeletal structure.

Vox: Small non-human species of anthropomorphic 'fox-like' beings. Largely nomadic after a genocide that wiped out their home world.

HOS: A popular brand of hover motorcycles.

Shock pistol: A gun that shoots electrically charged bullets.

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