All Patrons New Exclusive Poem: Doing Dreams

This is the season of your pain. 

We watch, helpless to help 

as you’re taken, 

thrust through the veil 

of yesterday’s thorns again, 

back to the time 

when the scourge was planted, 

brought to blood in that place 

you thought you’d vacated. 

Of course you waver. 

But, dearest, don’t linger too long 

in hesitation, caressing the past. 

Remember your future, 

the land of your dreams. 

They are calling you now

wanting to show you how

to collapse into love again.

When you should have been safe 

to dissolve, your seeing 

was obscured by barbs. 

What they called in 

could only ever be torn. 

Now memory must mourn.   

But declining to move 

won’t see you safe. 

The same tendrils are sprouting, 

snaking around. 

May your heart weep its way 

to what you need to know. 

May your tears fall over your wounds 

in a way that sates 

their thirst for the thorn, 

washing them free to forgive. 

Life is dreams come true or dreams denied.   

In the matter of dreams. 

it seems, 

there are no in-betweens,  

Led by pain, a better way awakens. 

Led by longing, sweet mystery unfolds. 

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