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You are digging deep - you want it all! You are checking out all the material I am putting out there. Your goal is to become better every second and you want even more! Here is more!

  • You get all mentioned in the tiers before this and you also.....

  • FULL ACCESS TO ALL WEB-SHOP PRODUCTS - everything in the webshop is yours. All is uploaded to your tier(excluding live lessons). Check these links: lesson manuals - solo manuals + extras

  • MONTHLY VIDEO EXCHANGE LESSONS (after one month) where you send me a video of your playing and/or your questions about saxophone playing and get feedback from me and assignments so you can improve faster! You send me a max of 10 min video recording, I send back minimum 15 min of video + sheet music, exercises, practice schedule and more. 

  • Q&A - Get answer to all your questions about music and saxophone first. You are a priority and get to ask first. You get your answers first and you get the possibility to ask questions when you need to.  THE DO'S AND DONT'S - I will let you in on my life experience in music in a blog/vlog format. You get the parts about the gigs, rehearsals, sax mishaps, what and how I prepare in music.

  • FULL ACCESS to all the text and transcribtions of all my youtube
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