After much consideration, I'm on Patreon. I didn't plan to do this, but here I am. 

It all started with a post-it note and a weekly meeting at the office. I had a pad of post-it notes and an ink pen and I was waiting for the meeting to start. Suddenly I got on idea to draw a map. That was the first actual RPG, or dungeon map, in years if you don't count quick doodles while GMing. I decided to draw a map every day for the whole November and playfully named this challenge as #mapvember. By the end of November there was a few others doing their #mapvember maps and I got really encouraging feedback from my maps. But, most importantly, it felt good to draw maps. So, I decided to keep on drawing maps. Then a few people asked if I had Patreon or if they could buy high-resolution maps somewhere. Then I started to seriously consider Patreon and after a few days I made my decision to give it a try. 

"Ice thing"

The inspiration for this map I got from the movie The Thing (kinda obvious, I guess :) ), but it was actually meant for a science fantasy RPG I play with my kids. 

The map was based on following events in our adventure:

- A recognized archeologist has found a strange creature buried in ice.  They have taken the frozen creature into a shed and the rest of the expedition is celebrating the discovery in the cabin. 

- The celebrations are interrupted as someone barges into the cabin and shouts that the creature is gone. 

- Soon they notice that there is a hole melted or buried in the ice that goes even deeper from the excavation site. 

- Time to explore where the icy tunnel leads... 

- The creature manages to start the engines of the ship, and even if it's defeated, the ship will take of with the PCs on board. Where the ship's auto-pilot will take them remains still to be seen. 

You can download different map versions from Dropbox by using the link below:

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