StudioImageEmbed Plugin

This plugin will save .png files from your userdata folder to the scene data. By default, other users must have a .png file with the same name to load scenes correctly which results in missing textures most of the time. Background images applied to image boards and pattern images are both saved using MaterialEditor save data.

These images are saved:

  • Background images from userdata/bg folder when applied to image boards or added to the scene with Add->Background
  • Pattern images from userdata/pattern and userdata/pattern_thumb when patterns are applied to objects
  • Frame images from userdata/frame when added the the scene with Add->Frame

With this plugin installed, it should be safe to use backgrounds, frames, and patterns knowing that anyone else with the plugin can load the scene correctly.

Illusion Modding API
MaterialEditor 2.0

Extract the zip to your game folder

AI version for AI Girl, KK version for Koikatsu, HS2 version for HoneySelect2