A christmas present
Hello everyone. 
This is some sort of a christmas gift to everyone that have followed, liked and shared what I have posted online. And everyone else who happen to stumble across this page. Al Khemet is a project I made between the 21st of September and the 6th of December. It is basicly a series of 50 A3 sized black and white drawings. But as usual it was made with the book format in mind. And together with an exhibition, that is the ultimate goal for this project. 

It is based on a short sequence in the Squidology series and the origins of the word "alchemy". If my research is correct, the word alchemy itself comes from the Egyptian Al Khemet.

Al means "from" or "of". And khemet can mean "the black land". And khemet again comes from the word "khem" which means "black". The ancient Egyptians often called their land Khemet because of the dark and fertile soil.

This project is named Al Khemet because of the meaning itself. It is something that is made of or emerges from the black. In a way you could say it it is because it is drawn in black ink only. But also because it is about some sort of mental alchemy. An internal struggle of some sort with the different parts of oneself.

Since the ultimate goal is a physical book, I've attached a pdf version that sort of looks like a book. Or at least tries to show how it could look if it were a physical thing.

Hope you can have some fun with it.

And thank you for watching!