Timeline 3 pre-release!

I spent enough time on this to warrant a patreon (finally)! So this will be "early access", without a specific end of early access date for now. Hopefully this will be between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the feedback, after which it will be free for all! I'm looking forward to your feedback on this!

Patrons can download here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/39351929

Major features

- Layered animations (e.g. independent breathing, emotions and movement animations, each with their own sequences and events)
- Triggers (play sounds, transition colors, activate unity assets and anything that's triggerable!)
- New and greatly improved UI (collapsible panel, scrollable dope sheet and right panel, reorganized screens, screen dedicated to layers playback)
- Syncing of atom animations without the controller plugin (by animation name, supports layers)
- Allow curve types on start/end frames and on float param curves
- Much better curves viewer with labels and stacked views
- Support for parenting in animations (set your controller to on and choose a parent controller and everything will be relative to it)
- Per-animation speed and weight (strenght of the animation versus external forces)
- Storable actions for speed, weight and play for each animations (much easier to randomize speed or trigger specific layer animations on collisions)
- Animation curve in-game preview so you can quickly visualize the animation curve
- Controller plugin in-game view now supports all features, so you don't need to open the atom plugin screen at all

Minor features

- Automatically create/sync animations in all other atoms with the same name, length, etc.
- Better blending and support for more than two animations blending at once
- Support blending with other forces
- Increased physics reliability
- Remove all keyframes button
- New curve types
- Merge load support
- Support animating rotation-only or position-only controllers
- Support lazy loaded float params (plays gracefully before they are ready)
- Reduced memory and improved performance
- Relies on VaM's Play/Edit mode instead of providing a "locked" mode
- Fixed resize modes, they now actually work
- Dope sheet is now scrollable in VR
- Dedicated "delete keyframe" button
- Dope sheet now allows selecting a specific keyframe by clicking on it, and select more than one using the ctrl key
- Multiple animation keyframes issues are auto-fixed
- Many, many more small fixes and improvements

What's next?

Next is documentation (wiki) and a few video tutorials to help people less comfortable with keyframe curve animation tools get started.

I have a few ideas for the next things I'll do, I'll probably make a poll. Either I'll fix Collider Editor's reset (they stop working after 10 minutes), I'll stop hiding pubes in Improved PoV (this is overdue), or I'll write a "rubber parenting" to smoothly attach and detach controllers (related to timeline transitions but usable anywhere). In any case, I expect to spend a while getting back the serious lack of sleep from Timeline 3's release, and spend what's left acting on the feedback I'll hopefully receive.

Love to you all, and please let me know what you're creating with Timeline!

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