"Don't compromise your morals for the majority" - Sometimes your peers will want you to do things that go against your better judgement and you have to have the power to stand your ground. 

In college, I worked as a Residential Assistant which helped me have a small income during school and gave me first priority when it came to my dorm with a discount for staying on campus. I was in charge of enforcing school policies in an apartment complex. 

My roomies wanted to bring alcohol into our apartment and I informed them that if I saw them with alcohol in my apartment, I would have to write them up. Now mind you, the school was right around the corner from a bar and there were two streets full of college owned houses off campus that they could party and drink. Also, I said if I saw them. If they were to go in their room and close the door, I wouldn't know anything. However, because I said that I would have to write them up, this caused my roommates to become distant from me for the semester. They stopped talking to me and I felt really outcasted.

It was during this time I realized, if they truly care for me, they wouldn't put me in that situation to make a judgement call like that. The people that really matter in your life won't put you in uncomfortable situations that go against your morals. You don't have to prove anything to anybody. Stand your ground and believe what you believe in. The people that matter in your life, even if they don't agree with you, will respect you and stand by you if they really care.

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