Its Improvement over my  Eyeball Shadow, its has Better Eye morphs compatibility then old version. and has Nice GI/Light/Oppsite direction of light Reflections, Shadows, Wet TearLine, can add Magical Iris(I will provide preset later). 

UPDATE- Fixed Texture missing links.

There are Three versions. try them all.

  • Fantasy version is better in most cases for me. 
  • More Reflective will get dramatic result.
  • Realistic is balanced.

There is a Alternate version that has less shadow & don't respect Smoothed Vertices .

you can increase reflection via changing material opacity.

You can use it together with my Enhanced EyeLid Blender for better result


If clipping/overlap occure (it should not) change cloth offset or thickness, eye scale, depth in morphs to remove them. reduce opacity of Side Shadow in material.

don't use it other reflections mod else clipping artifact/zdepth fighting will happen or you can disable material opacity.

Future Plan -

Magic Iris Presets like in screenshot.

I may work on male version someday if asked but I am exhausted now.

Permission -

you can link to VAR files but cant include VAR files in your package.

Join me on discord..its simple

I hope Enhanced Eyes is working good for you, if you had any issue you can ask me directly here,or on discord. I will be happy to see your screenshots.

If you like it Rate it on VamHub. it will make it popular.

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