How pledging to my Patreon works


Hi, thought I should finally make a post explaining this especially with how confusing up-front cost is.

When you pledge to me, you are now charged immediately, although it seems some charges go through faster than others. I've chosen to set this up to counter people who pledge and run after taking a peek. This means, that I will send you a pack from the previous month for your up-front charge. I will do this after the charge is confirmed from my end, please don't hesitate to message me about it either. After the upfront charge, you will be charged on the following 1st of the month, and receive the month you were pledged for's rewards a week later on the 7th (to allow time for charges/mistakened declines to process). The discord role should be auto-assigned if you connect your account.  

I send out rewards manually via google drive link in patreon messages. If you ever have any questions or did not receive a reward for a charge, you can send me a message here or on discord if you've joined my server. I generally reply quite quickly unless I'm overseas (usually for conventions) where accessing my patreon account can get a little difficult with SMS login verification- in those cases I will let you guys know my schedule and you can email/discord me instead!

Thanks for reading, hope this clarifies things.

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