From Keyboards and E-Organs
The first music school I attended was one about music in general. I was maybe five years old, and for a year, we'd play various instruments with probably the nicest music teacher I've ever met; she was an amazing person, having mastered the art of being patient with a bunch of spoiled children who didn't know anything about music. After that year, my mother wanted me to have piano lessons, unfortunately there was no spot left, so I was sent to learn to play keyboard with a different teacher, but she was very nice as well.

My first keyboard was the Yamaha PSR-28 (image found on Google). I had a lot of fun experimenting with it, there were some pretty awesome sounds available, even though I mostly used "normal" ones for my songs (got no use for digital wave noise or awkward bird-like replications, I suppose). I later kept using it when making songs on my PC; you can hear its strings and bass in the song "Do Not Disturb" and I also used it for all the background instruments in "Killing Stones" (both are in the Fallen Sheep album). Unfortunately, it died sometime before 2004.

A year later, my parents bought me the e-organ Yamaha Electone HC-2. I don't remember why, but I think my teacher wanted to teach me how to play bass with my feet as well? Not sure. I hated playing bass on the pedals; I usually used the pedals for percussion/drum sounds instead when playing my own songs. For e-organ, I was given lessons by the husband of my keyboard teacher, and every year we had to perform a song live. I clearly remember that every time I was on stage, the first thing I did was turn off the pedals, and turn on automatic bass for the left hand.

The e-organ was my most used choice for lots of instruments (strings, piano, double-bass and bass in general, xylophone, and an accordion-like instrument (it was called accordion on the display, but I liked to use it with lots of reverb, it had a very distinct sound that way). I recorded everything on a bunch of cassette tapes back then, which I still have to digitalize sometime... :D

You can hear the e-organ in many of my more "recent" songs, such as Madvertize, and I think the last song I created with it was Chainsaw Reaction for Cry of Fear (which also uses the accordion-like instrument in the last few seconds).

In the photo above you can see it standing in my old room in my mother's house, I think it still works; maybe I'll record something with it again in the future. My keyboard is in the attic, I'm not sure if I can ever get it to work again, but I didn't have it in my heart to throw it away. ):