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New Release: Live at Joe's Pub (Happy Holidays!)
Download Sweet Soubrette: Live at Joe's Pub

Back in September, Sweet Soubrette played a show at Joe's Pub that was one of our best ever performances. Joe's Pub, if you've never been there, is the candlelit nightclub venue connected to the Public Theater (named after the Public's founder Joseph Papp), and is maybe the top small venue for live music in NYC. It's classy and intimate, the sound is excellent, the staff is professional, the cocktails are delicious: they know how treat both artists and audience members. Playing there had been a goal of mine for a long time, so when we were invited to share the bill with Kotorino (full disclosure: this is a band I am also in!) I was over the moon.

It was a magical evening. We had a nice long sound check, which allowed us to get relaxed, and it sounded so sweet. Both bands were sharing a single green room, all the musicians mingling like we were throwing a successful party. We hired photographer Luis Ruiz to shoot photos of the show and he documented us both backstage and onstage. My brother gave us a long introduction onstage. Lots of people came out to see us. And the show got a magnificent and detailed review from New York Music Daily, which called it "one of this year’s best New York concerts, hands down." (You can read the rest of the review here.)

Too often during a performance I find myself distracted or anxious (about anything from the sound to the turnout to some logistical issue), but I was fully present for this one, one hundred percent there and appreciating the moment, feeling lucky to be there. (Onstage with me: Heather on violin, Bob on bass, Darrell on drums, Erin on sax, John on trumpet, and Cecil on trombone. Lyndol was in Puerto Rico visiting her mom.)

So I am especially happy that we got a soundboard recording from this show, which I am pleased to be releasing as a pay-what-you-wish download on bandcamp. I had it mastered by Casey Holford (who engineered the recent recordings of Wake Up When and Take It Easy), and he did a great job.  This live performance recording includes some songs that appear on existing albums and others that will appear on the next one, but I don't think it's redundant to release it -- it captures a moment in time, during a show when we felt particularly on fire.

Also, witty banter.




Download Sweet Soubrette: Live at Joe's Pub