NWWNL - Chapter 76 part 2


Jiang Nian had been smeared, and as the comments from netizens about him became more and more intense, it seemed like the black hand behind the scenes was about to succeed. But then, overnight, all the rumors and black materials about Jiang Nian disappeared.

Xu Xinyi got the news that it had been done by Jiang Huai.

Things were just different when you had a backer.

In the future, Jiang Nian would be able to walk sideways in the entertainment industry.

Thinking about this, Xu Xinyi sighed again. They were both overbearing presidents so why couldn't Yi Yang learn a bit from Jiang Huai? If he would take care of her like that, she would also be able to walk sideways in the entertainment industry.

"Xinyi, take a look at these dresses. Which one do you like?"

Anya was asking her which dress she wanted to wear during tomorrow's TV Festival award event.

After looking for a while, Xu Xinyi took a fancy to the white sequin dress in the middle, which would show off her perfect figure and flawless curves.

"The organizers have also invited Jiang Nian, so he’ll go with you tomorrow."

"Of course."

The next day Xu Xinyi, dressed in her white sequined dress, got out of the car and stood on one end of the red carpet while smiling at the media photographers and the fans all around her. Jiang Nian, wearing a well-fitting suit and slicked back hair, seemed to have lost a lot of his childishness. You could finally see the traces of an embryonic form of Jiang Huai.

Jiang Nian was obviously absent-minded today and Xu Xinyi mistakenly thought he was too nervous, so she reminded him, "Don't be nervous, just follow me."


Some staff members came forward to tell them that they could enter the venue so Xu Xinyi took Jiang Nian down the red carpet.

The cameras clicked and flashed constantly, and Xu Xinyi smiled and waved all the way, meanwhile Jiang Nian tightened his face and didn’t show a trace of smile.

When they reached the end of the red carpet, the host asked Jiang Nian a question but Jiang Nian was too distracted to answer properly.

Fortunately, the host was very experienced and he said a few words to quickly cover for Jiang Nian.

When she arrived inside Xu Xinyi found her place to sit down, which was right next Jiang Nian’s.

"What just happened? Why are you so absent-minded? Did something happen?"

Jiang Nian smiled and shook his head. "No, I'm just a little nervous."

Xu Xinyi handed him a glass of water. "Have some water. All you have to do later is sit there and smile."

Jiang Nian took the glass, took a sip, and gave her a nod.

The prelude to the opening was really slow. Xu Xinyi sat for a long time while waiting for the other stars to come. By her side, Jiang Nian was being very silent so, out of boredom, she took out her phone and sent a WeChat to Yi Yang.

"Honey, do you think I look beautiful today?"


Xu Xinyi sent him four different photos of her in her red carpet dress one after another.

She was so beautiful that it was simply unbelievable.

Soon, Yi Yang replied, "Beautiful. You’re at a TV Festival?"

Xu Xinyi: "Mhm."

Yi Yang: "When will it end? Who are you with?"

Xu Xinyi: "It hasn't started yet. So it will be a while yet. I’m here with Jiang Nian. 

Xu Xinyi: Tonight's best actress should be me, when that time comes everyone will want to treat me. Don’t wait for me. "

Yi Yang: "Well, I'm a little busy, too. I’ll go first."

Yi Yang put down his phone when he heard his assistant say that someone from the Jiang’s had arrived.

The final meeting regarding the cooperation between Yi's and Jiang's was scheduled for today.

Yi Yang and senior executives from the company went to the conference room to meet the Jiang’s.

As soon as he entered the conference room, he saw Jiang Cheng surrounded by his people.

Yi Yang’s face stayed expressionless as he greeted him. "I had heard that Old Master Jiang had already handed over the power in his company to Mr. Jiang. But unexpectedly, Old Master Jiang personally came forward for this cooperation."

Jiang Cheng looked sickly, but his words were firm, "The cooperation between our two families is very important, so I can’t rest assured if I don’t come see for myself."

"Please have a seat."

The two sides sat down around the table.

The executives from the two companies discussed the cooperation, each arguing over the points put forward by the other side.

After spending more than half a day in the conference room, the arguing between the two sides finally stopped and an agreement was reached.

They just needed the final two parties to make the final decision.

"Since Mr. Jiang seems determined to rekindle the cooperation with the Yi Group, then I believe Mr. Jiang should be willing to show some sincerity. After all, in the past years there have been many false starts between our two companies. So regarding the original contract, Yi Group would like five percent more of the profit. This is the Yi Group's last condition. I wonder what Mr. Jiang thinks."

"5%." Jiang Cheng's eyes narrowed at Yi Yang. "Mr. Yi is even worse than his father back then. If it was your father back then, he would never have boasted in front of me and asked for an extra five percent."

"The times have changed. Since Mr. Jiang feels now is the right time to ask for cooperation, I like to ask Mr. Jiang to consider my terms."

"Five percent is too much, three percent is my bottom line."

Yi Yang shook his head and looked at Jiang Cheng unflinchingly. "In that case, I think today's negotiations are over. I only hope we might have the opportunity to cooperate again in the future."

Jiang Cheng frowned and seriously considered.

The Jiang family could not swallow this project alone and, after several layers of consideration, the way to maximize their benefit was to cooperate with the Yi's.

Apart from the Yi's, he couldn't think of any better partner.

Once the cooperation was secured the Jiang family would be enriched for at least another 20 years.

"President Yi," Jiang Cheng spoke after long consideration, he stood up and stretched out his hand. "Happy cooperation."

Yi Yang held out his own hand and shook. "Happy cooperation."

"We will add other details of the project as necessary and we will deal with the contract as soon as possible." As Jiang Cheng spoke his face suddenly turned pale with a speed visible to the naked eye, he grabbed the desk with one hand and covered his chest with the other, then slowly fell down.

"Dad!" Jiang Huai stepped forward and supported Jiang Cheng.

There was a moment of panic in the conference room.

Yi Yang frowned and snapped, "Call 120!"*

The ambulance soon arrived at the company and Yi Yang personally sent him to the hospital. However, while in the ambulance Jiang Cheng's heart stopped beating for a while. When he arrived at the hospital he was immediately sent to the emergency room.

The light in the emergency room came on. Inside, Jiang Huai calmly called Jiang Nian’s name, but no one answered.

"Go to Huaming Court and Xu Xinyi's studio and find Jiang Nian right away."

The assistants and bodyguards around Jiang Huai hurriedly left after hearing his instructions.

Yi Yang remembered Xu Xinyi was participating in a TV Festival today. He said, "Wait a minute, I'll make a phone call."

Then he dialed Xu Xinyi's phone but there was no answer.

He hung up the phone and dialed Anya's number. After waiting for a while, Anya picked up the phone.

"Hello, who is this?"

"It’s Yi Yang."

"Yi Yang? You're looking for..."

"I'm looking for Xinyi. Is Jiang Nian with her?"


"Give the phone to Xinyi."

Anya handed the phone to Xu Xinyi.

"Who is it?"

"It’s your husband, it seems urgent."

Xu Xinyi put down her heavy trophy, "Husband, you were looking for me..."

"Is Jiang Nian with you?"

"...yes. "

"Bring him to First Hospital immediately. Mr. Jiang is critically ill."

Xu Xinyi was stunned and put away the smile on her face. "Understood."

In the hospital, the light in the emergency room was on for almost an hour before it finally went out. A doctor sighed and came out of the emergency room.

"Doctor, how are things going?"

The doctor shook his head. "Mr. Jiang is awake. But although we have managed to temporarily restart Mr. Jiang's heart, speaking of Mr. Jiang's current condition..."

Jiang Huai did not bother listening to his nonsense, he directly pushed the door open and walked into the emergency room.

Inside the emergency room, Jiang Cheng's face was covered with a breathing mask, and there was a heart rate monitor beside the hospital bed beeping steadily.

The living man who was negotiating in a conference room just two hours ago was now dying two hours later. He knew his time was coming.

Jiang Cheng slowly opened his eyes and painstakingly removed the breathing mask from his face.

"Where is he?"

Jiang Huai gritted his teeth. "He’s on his way, he’ll be here soon."

"I... I can't wait. You… call him."

"I will."

Jianghuai dialed Jiang Nian's phone number. After two rings it was picked up and he placed it by Jiang Cheng's ear.

Aside from the sound of the heart rate monitor, the only other noise was Jiang Cheng's short gasping breaths.

"Nian Nian. It's daddy.** Are you listening?"

There was no sound from the other end of the phone.

"Daddy is a little tired today but I want to say something to you. Listen carefully to your daddy, will you?" Jiang Cheng’s breathing was getting weaker but he forced himself to say: "Daddy has done a lot of wrong things, I know you do not want to forgive me, but… do you remember when you were a kid riding on a big horse on your daddy? Or the toys daddy made for you, or... Please try to remember your daddy's good parts, forget the bad parts, okay? "

"Nian Nian, daddy... I'm sorry. You... you're only eighteen but daddy can't take care of you anymore. After this... listen to your brother. At home… if daddy isn’t at home you can move back... Move back and live at home. There’s always a room for you, the door will never close."

There was still no reply on the phone.

But Jiang Cheng knew that his time was running out.

He struggled to motion for Jiang Huai to take away the phone and told him: "Jiang Huai, remember, don’t break the cooperation with the Yi’s, join hands with them… Jiang’s talent... talent..."

Jiang Huai’s face sank and he said, "I understand."

Jiang Cheng gasped for breath. He raised his hand and clasped Jiang Huai's hand, forcing out one word after another, "And you have to... take good care of your brother. Set an example for him. Don't spoil him. You can't be like me... don’t do the same thing, you understand?"

Jiang Huai said in a deep voice, "I understand."

"Remember... just remember..." A word hung on his lips but he was unable to make the last sound.

Jiang Cheng’s pupils gradually lost focus and the hand clinging to Jiang Huai loosened.


The heart rate monitor made a shrill sound in the empty emergency room.

Jiang Nian’s voice asked from the phone, "Is he dead?"

"Mm, he's dead. Do you want a word with him?"

"No, I said I would never speak to him again in my life."

"It doesn't matter anymore, he's dead." Jiang Huai slowly and silently pulled the bed sheet over Jiang Cheng’s head, "Jiang Nian, we lost our father."


*like 911 in China

**he uses ‘爸爸’ which is like papa or daddy

tl note: ahhhhh that was a low blow author. I’m crying here and I don’t even like the Jiang’s

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