Timeline 3 public release on July 24th!

It will be released for everyone on Hub! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it! And if you do make nice scenes (free or paid), please post them on Discord, and share your tips and tricks! That's how we'll replace Source FilmMaker!

For the next steps, I'd like to know which plugins are the most important to you, and where you'd like me to put my time. For an idea of what would be the next steps for each plugin, please check out my Trello, or feel free to suggest ideas!

Timeline (keyframe animations)

Passenger (make the camera follow a person's head)

Improved PoV (no clipping and better placement when possessing)

Collider Editor (adjust or disable collisions on skin)

Snug (fine tune real body proportions offset for immersive possession)

Another plugin not listed here (dev tools, director, cornwall, etc.)

Make a new plugin! (let me know which)

47 votes total

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