Tool Hotfix 2.0.1 - Important!

This is a hotfix for a few bugs that were brought to my attention. Please read them carefully.

  • Gallery Tab fixed for Offline Mode: Due to a bug in TOOL, the connection prompt couldn't show when trying to open the gallery in offline mode. 
  • Stopped dialog conflicts: In some cases other mods' dialogs could get "queued" instead of showing as they should. This is now fixed.
  • Undo bug after Cloning: Clone was incorrectly inserting move undos on creation. No longer does that.
  • Mod List on Startup Displays Twice: Changed TOOL UI to not show the mod startup box more than once if enabled.
    (PSA: If you have a lot of mods, you should turn this off anyway, as it slows down load time severely)
  • "Ghost Objects" being cloned: If you deleted an object while it was active, attempting to clone another item would also create copies of the deleted items. Fixed.

NOTE: I chased a bug I thought was coming from TOOL, but it's actually just that Origin does not always tell TS4 once it's connected. If you tell the gallery to connect and it never stops spinning, click stay offline and try once more. It should work the second time. This is not caused by TOOL.

Translations Added: 

Russian - Thanks to  @EgorGalochkin
German - Thanks to @SimFans
Spanish - Thanks to  @jjosue_geo

How to use:  

Official TOOL Tutorial
The only thing not covered by the tutorial is debug cloning. In order to do that, activate an object and alt+shift click any surface or the active object.


Open the zip file below and drag both files inside to your mods folder.
Make sure script mods and mods are both turned on in gameplay options -> other.
You will need to enter testingcheats true or download AlwaysTesting (also linked below) to enable TOOL by default.
Make sure you've removed any old copies of TOOL.

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