NWWNL - Chapter 79

Jul 21, 2020


Yi Yang’s sudden gentleness caught Xu Xinyi by surprise.

His warm breath tickled her ear and his deep bass voice’s words of apology seemed to linger in the air. Xu Xinyi's heart was touched by Yi Yang's words and throbbed slightly.

In her memory, Yi Yang had never been so gentle to her. Most of the time he didn't have much to say to her at all, and there was never a trace of romance.

For that quiet, unromantic man, to patiently wait for her until two o'clock in the morning with a house full of roses, just to give her a surprise on their wedding anniversary. It seemed he really put down his pride. Now he was even admitting that he was wrong and asking for forgiveness.

At that moment, Xu Xinyi suddenly felt that maybe this was a little compensation for all the grievances she had suffered in the past.

As if she had come out of a long period of shivering in the piercing cold winter wind and found someone to give her a little warmth.

"What did you say?"

"I said, those things that happened in the past were my fault. So I want to apologize to you for my attitude towards you and for my words and actions back then. Please forgive me."

Although Xu Xinyi had her back turned to Yi Yang, so she could not see his expression, from his tone of voice she could tell that he was being serious. It didn’t seem that it was something he was just saying casually.

She bit her lower lip. Part of her knew she shouldn't dig up the past, but her heart still remembered. "When I first married you, you ignored me and your mother didn't like me. You took me back to see your grandfather during the Chinese New Year but then on the way back, you kicked me out of the car and told me to go home by myself. That day, I was so angry at you that I cried, you were so hateful!"

After she said that, she fell silent for a moment. Eventually, she took a deep breath and spoke again with slightly teary eyes. "But you don't have to apologize. Those things that happened before aren’t your fault."

--"I didn't like you back then and you didn't like me. Neither of us owed each other anything."

"No, I do have to apologize." Yi Yang said, "I acted indifferent to my wife for two years. I never bothered to sit down and try to talk to you seriously to try to get along with you. I never cared enough to ask about your life or your work, and I know that you've endured a lot of grievances. It's all because I was not a good husband. But if you are willing to forgive me, then I promise I will fulfill my duties and obligations as your husband in the future. I promise to protect you, and I promise that I will care about you, and that I will love you. I won't let you suffer any more grievances. So will you give me another chance?"

The look in Xu Xinyi's eyes unconsciously grew deeper.

It had been a long time since any man had said these sorts of words to her or showed her this sort of tenderness.

She really couldn't resist this sort tenderness.

"Then you... can you tell me why you like me?"

"Because you taught me that I can't easily believe the things that my ears hear or my eyes see, and that for some people I need to sit down and slowly understand them in order to know the whole picture."

--"Did Yi Yang see through me after he spent more time with me?"

--"It seems quite possible."

Xu Xinyi thought about it seriously.

--"All the novels say that when a woman does something abnormal the domineering CEO will always see it and say 'Woman, you managed to get my attention'. So I guess it makes sense."

Behind her, Yi Yang let out a low chuckle.

Xu Xinyi suddenly had the illusion that he could hear her thoughts so she became exasperated and said, "What are you laughing at? I'm still thinking about whether to forgive you!"

Yi Yang cooperated and said, "Well, I'm waiting for you to think about it. Are you willing to give me another chance and forgive me?"

Xu Xinyi felt as if two sides of her were arguing vigorously inside.

The good Xu Xinyi advised her:

--"Just look at how much Yi Yang has said. What are you still thinking about? Just say yes quickly! Oh, I'm so touched!"

But the evil Xu Xinyi retorted.

--"Everyone knows that the things you can't get are the best, and no one cherishes the things they get without effort, that’s why now is the time to be reserved! You can't forgive him so easily!"

The good Xu Xinyi tried to be reasonable.

--"But just look at the surprise carefully prepared for you by Yi Yang. He already waited for you until two o’clock in the morning, so can't you see his sincerity?"

The evil Xu Xinyi continued to retort.

--"Any man can say some sweet words. Plus, Yi Yang is so rich and powerful that getting these roses is as easy as lifting a finger, so Xu Xinyi you need to calm down! Stay awake and don't let yourself get too deep!"

The good Xu Xinyi quickly continued to try to persuade her.

--"Even if it’s like lifting a finger, since when would Yi Yang bother to do this sort of thing? He’s already admitted his mistake, apologized, and promised that he would love you and protect you in the future. Aren't you moved?"

The evil Xu Xinyi gave a cold snort.

-- "You should know all men are fickle*, and who in this world can't say beautiful words with their mouths? Didn't you always used to constantly say 'Husband, I love you'?"

The good Xu Xinyi was seeming weaker and weaker.

Xu Xinyi turned around and looked directly at Yi Yang.

She wanted to see Yi Yang's face while they talked.

"The things you said are very touching but... if I say that I can’t forgive you right away, then you..."

"That’s okay. You'll know soon that I’m not just saying empty words."

Looking at Yi Yang face-to-face, Xu Xinyi could see that the only thing reflected in Yi Yang’s eyes, was her.

And it was not until she saw her own stunned image reflected in Yi Yang's eyes that she realized that she was staring off in a daze. Yi Yang took advantage of her moment of absent-mindedness and swapped down to kiss her lips.

With that very gentle kiss, Xu Xinyi's little heart could not stop banging wildly in her chest and she couldn’t help but hold her breath.

In the next moment, her eyes were covered by Yi Yang's hand. In the sudden darkness, her sense of touch was magnified. Suddenly her mouth was full of the gentle taste of Yi Yang’s lips and she felt a faint trembling that was being transmitted by his hand that was covering her eyes.

Yi Yang was nervous!

Realizing that fact, Xu Xinyi's heart beat faster and faster.

If he was nervous, if he was cautious, if he was careful, it all showed that the man had already fallen into the hands of a woman.

Their gentle kiss didn't go too deep and soon separated.

Yi Yang's breathing was shallow and his heart was beating fast. He carefully watched Xu Xinyi's reaction.

Xu Xinyi was only stupefied for a moment but she quickly regained her senses, stared at him, and then, without a word, leaped forward and forcefully kissed Yi Yang.

The sudden impact was so great that Yi Yang subconsciously had to take a step back, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the room that was full of roses and thought that he could not step his gift for Xinyi. Because of that, he tried to avoid stepping on the roses, which caused his center of gravity to become unstable, and then he directly fell down. 

As they tumbled down into the roses, Xu Xinyi’s eyes widened and she quickly got up and asked anxiously, "Are you all right?"

Roses thorns were no joke.

"I’m fine. I had the thorns removed."

Xu Xinyi took another look at the stems of the roses and saw that there were no thorns.

"These flowers won't hurt you."

Xu Xinyi blinked and suddenly felt touched. She was about to say something when Yi Yang's phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from his driver who was waiting downstairs.

Yi Yang answered the phone.

But then Xu Xinyi suddenly shouted into his phone: "Today is our wedding anniversary, he’s not going to the company!"

Then she looked into Yi Yang's eyes.

Yi Yang chuckled helplessly and said into the phone, "I'm not going into the office today."

Then he hung up the phone.

"Today, you told me that you will fulfill your duties and obligations as my husband in the future, that you would take good care of me, love me, and not let me suffer any grievances, so today I’ll... trust you for now. I’ll see how it goes and if you can't do it I’ll..."

Yi Yang said, "Divorce me."

Xu Xinyi choked but then nodded. "Yes! I’ll be watching your performance!"

"Well, let's see how it goes."

Even after being so moved, Xu Xinyi still couldn’t adapt to Yi Yang’s sudden gentleness. She kept wondering if she was dreaming.

When aloof men found a person they liked did they all become so sickly sweet?

Xu Xinyi knew that she probably shouldn’t act too triumphant in front of Yi Yang right now but the corners of her lips still inadvertently revealed some traces of her delight.

--"I gave you the chance to divorce me but you didn’t do it. It seems you had the bad luck to fall in my hands, right?"

--"I'm such a troublemaker, it seems you’ll have a lot of things to deal with in the future."

Xu Xinyi was very self-aware.


For her wedding anniversary, Xu Xinyi had received a room full of roses. Then, on the observation platform on the top floor of Lanting, Xu Xinyi found a diamond ring in the red wine she was drinking.

It was one part of a pair of unique wedding rings that Yi Yang had custom made for the both of them.

Melodious violin music floated in the air and under the rays of the setting sun, Yi Yang had knelt down on one knee and put the new ring on her finger.

"Xu Xinyi?"

"Xu Xinyi..."

"Xu Xinyi!!!"

Xu Xinyi’s head jerked and she suddenly regained her senses.

Anya was looking at her with disbelief. She said with a dark look. "You've been staring at the ring on your finger all day. What, you want to show off in front of me? As soon as something good happens to you, you want to come and stimulate me, trying to show off? Act more like a human, Xu Xinyi! "

Xu Xinyi coughed and put down her hand. "What were you saying? I didn't hear you clearly."

"You didn’t hear me? You weren't listening at all, were you?"

Xu Xinyi picked up a nearby glass of water and took a sip to cover up her embarrassment. Then she said proudly, "What are you saying? Regarding this studio and our artists I can always rest assured when leaving things to you, big or small. You don't have to ask for my advice. I believe in you!"

Anya sneered. "Well, I'll reject Director Xu for you then. You don't have to shoot that film."

"?" Xu Xinyi quickly stopped her and said with a smile, "No, Director Xu has been planning that film for a long time."

Anya calmed down and sighed, "If you want to go and film this time, I won't be coming with. Take more assistants along and call me if you need anything."

"What's the matter? Why don't you want to go?"

Anya looked at her disbelievingly, "You are playing the heroine and Han Xiao will be playing the male lead, so Luo Jie will certainly be there. And, regarding Luo Jie, I just... I don't want to see him. Xu Xinyi, do you have anything else in your head besides Yi Yang?"

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, but don't worry! When I see Luo Jie, I will give him a good beating for you!"

Anya said feebly: "Thank you but you do not have to help me with this favor. Your mind is only full of Yi Yang, so I’m afraid you might stop beating halfway because you get distracted thinking about Yi Yang, then everyone will regard you as an idiot."


There was an assistant knocking at the door.

"Sister Xinyi, some flowers were sent at the front desk..."

Without waiting for the assistant to finish speaking, Anya said angrily, "Throw them away!"

Startled by her outburst, the assistant nodded and retreated. Then she threw the roses into the trash while the delivery man watched.

In the Yi Group Building, in Yi Yang's office, an assistant was reporting that he had the flowers delivered. After he finished, he stood there without moving with a strange look on his face.

"President Yi, there’s something that I don’t know if I should say."

"What is it? Tell me."

"Today, when I had the flowers delivered to Mrs. Yi, the front desk threw the flowers directly into the trash. I asked why and she told me it was Mrs. Yi’s orders."

Yi Yang was stunned, "They threw them away?"

The assistant nodded hesitantly. "Yes. The receptionist said that all the flowers sent recently had been thrown away."

Yi Yang’s brows tightened and he was frowning in his heart.

How many days in a row had she been throwing away the flowers he had sent?

Was Xinyi not satisfied with him?

Why else would she throw away the flowers?

Did he do something wrong?

Was that it?

Not good enough?

*she also says ‘all men are pig trotters’ which is apparently net slang women use to talk about fickle men

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