NWWNL - Chapter 80

Jul 22, 2020


Yi Yang couldn’t help but wondering where exactly he had offended Xu Xinyi that she would tell her staff to throw all his roses into the trash, he assumed that Xu Xinyi must still have a problem with him.

As Yi Yang's primary assistant, Zhao Bin knew that he had a duty to share his boss’s worries and to solve his problems, but a small assistant could not rashly open his mouth regarding his boss’s relationship with his wife. If he guessed wrong and said the wrong thing, would he still be able to eat?

After mulling it over, Zhao Bin said tentatively, "President Yi, if there's nothing else, I'd like to get off work an hour early today..." In order to stop the boss from interrupting his plan to escape, Zhao Bin talked very quickly and refused to let Yi Yang get a word in. 

"You see, yesterday, I made my girlfriend angry so I wanted to buy her something that she likes as a gift for her after work."

Yi Yang suddenly seemed interested, he motioned for Zhao Bin to continue.

Zhao Bin gained some confidence and smiled, "Regarding women, if they’re angry you just need to coax them, and if they’re really angry, what you have to do, as a man, is give them a gift to apologize. If you just let the resentment simmer it’s easy to let small problems become big."

That sounded reasonable.

"Then how do you find out why your girlfriend is angry?"

President Yi didn’t know why Mrs. Yi was angry?

Zhao Bin thought about it carefully and said, "For a couple... the most important thing when trying to get along is not finding out why she is angry. Even if you don't know why she is angry, the first thing you have to do is try to calm her down. Once she’s calm you can talk to her and ask her why she was angry."

"Ask her?"

"Of course. The most important thing between a couple is honesty. So just asking directly is always better than being constantly suspicious."

Yi Yang thought that also sounded reasonable so he nodded, "Ok, go ahead and take off from work an hour early to buy that present for your girlfriend."

"Yes, thank you, President Yi."

Outside the office, Zhao Bin felt refreshed. Getting off work an hour early wasn’t important to him at all actually. What was really important was that he had solved another problem for his boss, which was what he, as the president’s assistant, was supposed to do.

That evening, Yi Yang returned to the Yi estate carrying a present.

When Old Master Yi saw it he asked casually, "What’s that you have?"

Yi Yang said bluntly, "A gift for Xinyi."

Old Master Yi and Mrs. Yi both looked up at him in surprise. They asked him in unison, "A gift?"

This was really weird.

It was like a long dead tree suddenly blossoming or the sun rising from the west.

The two thought at the same time: How could his stupid grandson / her stupid son ever take the initiative to prepare a gift for a woman?

Perhaps the contemplative look that had appeared in both in their eyes was a bit too obvious because Yi Yang said uncomfortably, "I’ll go up now."

"Go on, go on."

As soon as Yi Yang turned around he heard the laughter of his two elders behind him. And before he had even taken a step, the discussion began.

"That child has finally been enlightened!"

"That's right! Those two finally have a good relationship now dad. I think it won't be too long before your dream of seeing your great-grandson will come true."

"Shouldn't we start preparing now? There is a lot to pay attention to regarding a pregnant woman and her child. We can’t do things hurriedly when the time comes."

"Right, right, right, this kind of thing should be considered and prepared for as soon as possible."

Hearing the discussion of the two elders behind him, that jumped from Xu Xinyi's pregnancy, to the birth of the baby, to the child's primary school, to junior high, then high school, then college, and then even to studying abroad, Yi Yang endured for a while, he wanted to interrupt them but, in the end, he just opened his mouth and then closed it again. Eventually, he just headed up to their shared room.

Inside the room, Xu Xinyi was wearing a facemask and reading a script. When she saw Yi Yang walk in she vaguely said, "You’re back?"

"Mhm." Yi Yang put the gift on the table in front of Xu Xinyi, in a spot where she would see it right away if she looked up.

But it was obvious that Xu Xinyi was very preoccupied with the script in her hands. After reading one page, she would turn to the next page, and then the next, and then the next. Until Yi Yang didn't know how many pages she had turned, but he still didn't see her put the script down.

Yi Yang's brows slightly furrowed when he saw her attitude was so cold. She hadn't smiled at him since he had entered the room or even said a word. It seemed that she was really angry.

After a long period of deliberation, Yi Yang decided to compromise and give her the gift first.

"This is for you."

Xu Xinyi, who had been immersed in the script, looked up at him blankly, "What is it?"

"A gift."

"A gift?" Xu Xinyi put down her script and curiously looked at the gift that Yi Yang had brought along. It was a delicate jewelry box and, looking at the shape, it was probably a necklace.

Xu Xinyi opened it to see and, as she guessed, it was indeed a necklace from a high end brand. Xu Xinyi had seen this style of necklace before and she knew it was worth more than a million yuan.

"Why did you suddenly give me a necklace?"

--"Is today some important day?"

Xu Xinyi, who had a previous incident where she had forgotten their wedding anniversary, still had some lingering trauma. So, while she was feeling surprised, she was also quickly sifting through her memories for all the days where she and Yi Yang shared some event.

But even though she thought about it over and over again, she couldn’t remember any important day on today’s date.

--"Today should not be an important day, so why is he giving me such an expensive gift?"

After listening to Xinyi for a while but still not hearing the reason why she was angry, Yi Yang decided to ask her directly.

"You're not angry anymore?"

Xu Xinyi became even more confused, "Angry? When was I angry? "

"If you're not angry, then why did you throw away the roses I sent you?"

"Something you sent me? Roses?" Xu Xinyi was at a loss for a moment. She thought about it for a few seconds but she couldn’t understand what Yi Yang meant. But after a while she thought of the roses that her studio had been throwing away the past few days.

--"But didn’t Luo Jie send those roses?"

--"Wait a minute. With what Yi Yang said, did he send me those roses?"

"You mean you sent the roses to my studio?"

Yi Yang nodded.

"999 of them?"

Yi Yang nodded again.

Xu Xinyi abruptly stood up, took the mask off of her face, and looked at 

Yi Yang with an expression that was some mixture of shock and heartbreak.

Yi Yang looked back at her calmly.

But then Xu Xinyi sobered up.

-- "No, I can't let this man think that I take him too seriously or that I will get excited over just a few roses. If I do that won’t he just squeeze me to death in the future?"

So Xu Xinyi quickly put up an indifferent facade, "So it turned out that those roses… they were sent by you? Why didn't you tell me you were sending them in advance?"

"I put a card with the roses."

"I didn't notice at all. I thought they were from another one of my crazy suitors."

--"Mentioning suitors is always a good card to play. That always makes a man feel a sense of crisis and urgency. It will help him understand my value."

Yi Yang raised an eyebrow and asked, "Your crazy suitors?"

Xu Xinyi quickly began acting her heart out, "Of course. I am at least a beautiful and famous star, so there have always been some crazy bees and butterflies chasing after me." After a moment of consideration, she added solemnly: "Every day!"

"Then I am really the luckiest man in the world." Even saying those bragging words, Yi Yang kept his face expressionless.

Xu Xinyi nodded as if that was a matter of course. "So if you send flowers to me again in the future, you can ask the delivery man to tell the receptionist that they are for me. I’ll be sure to tell the receptionists to put anything from you directly in my office."

"Well, I'll keep that in mind." Yi Yang’s brows loosened after he successfully put down the heavy burden that had been weighing on his heart.


tl note: Shortest chapter in the main story I think. There is one epilogue chapter that is even shorter though so I can’t call it the shortest in the story haha

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