7.2 LoonToons Live #4 (Wednesday / 10am EDT)

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Loons & Lead

Now we come to the heart of the LoonToons project -- Warning PEOPLE about the dangerous effects of LEAD on the health of the LOON population!  

Today we'll draw some people (bean-folk, really) fishing at our loons' lake...
And show how using lead-based fishing gear can be disastrous to the loons.  

Here in New Hampshire, the data shows that lead has a HUGE impact on loons --
LPC shares this graph of "documented loon mortalities in New Hampshire"

Ingested lead accounts for nearly 1/2 of all documented loon deaths!  


For more about the various dangers faced by our loon families, see:  
Loon.org: "Threats to Loons" >>  

From that list, you can choose a threat that interests you.  
Then, draw your own 4-panel story about how your threat impacts loons (& other wildlife).
Here's a template you may want to use: 

P*I.E. your artwork, and share it with a friend...  
Do they understand the story?
Does it teach them something about loons & the environment? 


Now try drawing a page showing a possible solution to the threat!
(We'll work on this more next week, too.)   



Here's the finished page (B&W printable GIF): 

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