Look Who I Met on a Wild Beach!

Sheila had gone AWOL. Not a word in weeks. When I went with Eric to Warrnambool Hospital for his full leg length x-rays, I simply had to stop and have  walk on a wild beach. I am the kind of person who loves the beach in winter. Mostly because I don't trust water! Unless it is frozen! Or very warm and still ( like in a bathtub, or the Adriatic))

Anyway, there she was! Quite happy to see me I'd venture, and she accepted a ride back to Natimuk with us. When I asked her why she went walkabout, she shrugged her koala shoulders and said because I had to. I totally get it. Re-creation in nature is essential for our well-being, and I think I was pushing her too hard, gotta publish your chanelling on a weekly basis, blablabla.. It was too much, she chose to do it her way. Good on ya Sheila, thanks for the lessons, and your friendship!!

And thank you my mob for your continued support and inspiration! Anne T, Anne C, Barbara, Cathy, Dorothy, Gwen, Iona, Julia, Jett,  Margaret, Patricia, Milton, Sue, Heather, Tom, Valerie and Veronique,  big hugs and love to youse! Just like when I climbed Everest, it is feeling the love behind me that keeps me going with this 'Adventures in Life' page! 

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