Finding a Place to Live

Hello wonderful patrons,

Apologies for the slight drought in content these last couple of weeks. Things have been super hectic with work and I haven't had any free time at all! I'm planning on diving back into things next week with lots more streams and videos and Lucien updates so I'm really looking forward to that.

Since you've all been so generous in supporting me, I wanted to loop you in on what exactly your support does for me. In the "real world", I'm a postgraduate student pursuing a career in biomedical engineering - basically, I'm working on developing prosthetic limbs and exoskeleton-style technology for the physically less able. It's very exciting stuff and I'm really lucky to be able to work on it. However, I need to find accommodation for next year, and that's where you guys have really been helping me out.

Basically, living at my uni isn't cheap, and up until now I've been in shared student accommodation. It's been lovely, but if I want to commit to this streaming/content creating lifestyle when I'm not in the lab, it'd really help me if I could move to a place of my own, so I can operate more independently, without having to worry to the same extent about noise, broadband, sleeping hours, etc. Plus, if I had a kitchen, cooking streams could be a thing. You could watch me burn sweet rolls live on air! XD On a personal note, it'd also just be really nice for me in myself to have my own "pad", as it were. 

I couldn't possibly afford anything like that without your wonderfully generous support, so it's thanks to you that I can even consider it. To this end, I've added some goals to the Patreon page to show you what sort of support level allows me to look at different accommodation options.

I am by no means asking for you all to give more - I'm massively grateful for everything you're already doing to support me, it's so, so lovely. But since my choice of accommodation has a direct impact on the sort of content I can create and the rate at which I can create it, I thought it felt right to show you where your support goes. So there we are! :)

I hope you're all still staying safe and well, and I'll see you all soon!


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