Things to Look Forward To

Jul 26, 2020

Be sure to check this space August 1, 2020 - there will be a new Song, a new Podcast, and a Video Collaboration with a very special guest!  

Just a heads up!   I'm writing a bunch of killer songs, will be sharing as they begin to shape up in recorded form.  

I have an interesting patron request to explore my first working band's repetoire of non-top 40 cover songs - I've been told several times recently how much Ground Zero's cover songs shaped musical tastes on the Gulf Coast and in college towns in the deep South.  So I'm pondering that - a live stream of cover songs that were instrumental in developing into a working artist/singer/songwriter...leading into some of the best early songs I wrote and released.  

Meanwhile, as I said...writing like a fiend...and recording.  

Traveling this coming week...I have a Songwriting With Soldiers  writing retreat coming up - so I have to check my temperature every day and keep up with it.  Make sure i have masks and all that stuff for the long drives to and from the retreat.  How quickly a road dog like me gets used to being at home.  

Ok, take care and look for all this new stuff I'm sharing soon!

much peace

much love


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