#102: 3-7 Minute Lessons: Human Brain Days 5, 6, 7

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Augusta, as on other of her videos, begins by reminding us of the crisis in African American education with only 18% of 4th graders scoring at proficiency and above in reading comprehension on the National Educational Assessment test and how the solution is to replicate what successful teachers do.

Then she introduces her plan for teaching academic vocabulary and background knowledge in a series of lessons in “10 Areas of Knowledge”. The lessons are short enough --3-7 minutes a day-- for teachers to easily find the time to fit into their schedule. 

The Ten Areas of Knowledge:

History, Oceans, Animals, Human Body, Universe, Plants, U.S. Constitution, World Geography, Forces and Motion, and Weather/Climate.

The lessons use Augusta’s Touching the Spirit® culture-based teaching strategies that accelerate learning and are lively, engaging and effective as they teach toward mastery.

She shows the chart that lists eleven of the human body systems for upper grade lessons and points out the 5 that will be the focus in primary grades: Circulatory, Digestive, Muscular, Nervous, and Skeleton.

She holds up small cards to the camera that review the past videos in the 3-7 minute Human Body series: Video #99 and #102 and briefly gave examples of some of the features of those two videos such as the fact in the human body pop out book that our intestines, if strung out would be as long as a giraffe’s neck!

She showed the 8 definitions that are the core of the academic vocabulary lessons in the series on the brain and central nervous system. Then she focused on the first three: organ, skull, and brain and introduced her Touching the Spirit teaching strategy: “Dancing Definitions”. 

She emphasized the fact that teaching the word meanings come first with this strategy and then the recitation and memorization. The goal is to internalize academic language with which to explain the word meaning. To emphasize this she demonstrates how she would use a can opener and a tooth brush to teach the words: “function” and “particular purpose”.

She ends by using the strategies rhythmic recitation style to quickly teach us to memorize the definition and sentence for the word “organ”. 

Download: Dancing Definitions: The Human Brain and Central Nervous System\

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