July 29th Updates: News, My talk on no_unique_address, Lambda Story, Exclusive C++20 Attributes Article


Fortunately, there's some hot weather in Poland :) I hope it's also good summertime on your location :)

On Monday, I wrapped my notes from the presentation I gave last week and also got a link to YouTube!

Have a look and watch the whole presentation :)

Bartek's coding blog: See My Talk: Empty Base Class Optimisation no_unique_address and other C++20 Attributes

C++20 Attributes

As promised, I prepared an article that summarises attributes that we have in C++20. This is actually an update of the same chapter in my C++17 in Detail but enhanced with the C++20 content.

See in the attachment at the bottom.

Lambda Story Update

Next week I plan to release a new update for C++ Lambda Story! What's more, I'd like to create a little marketing campaign around that and starting on Monday each day I'll send an email about a lambda aspect:

  • Monday: info about the update
  • Tuesday: syntax changes from C++11 to C++20
  • Wednesday: Capturing things
  • Thursday: Going generic
  • Friday: tricks

What do you think? can this work? :)


I enjoyed reading this article from Mat Ropert:

PhysFS performance, a story of threading and locking

This describes that some older API and Libraries were made "threadsafe" by adding one big mutex to all operations. And while it could work, it also means the performance of your multi-threaded application can be reduced dramatically! The article describes how to identify those issues and fix them (even if that means modifying the library code).

Best Regards 


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