[PF2E] APG, LO: Legends, AP #157, and so much more!

Welcome to the midnight update for the Archives of Nethys! This year has been stressful for many, and with GenCon being digital in 2020 we know that online resources are more important than ever. The AoN team has been working themselves to the bone to ingest all of this new content and prepare it for you all to enjoy, so humongous thanks goes to all of the team for their constant help and attention to the material!

Along with the new books come a few changes we know some of you have been requesting for a bit, including automatically-generated creature lists for Summons, skill feats broken up by specific skill, and more! Changes to the existing filters are in the works (along with an "All Equipment" page), but unfortunately were a bit too much to squeeze into tonight's update. 

Look forward to more in the months to come, and I hope everyone has an amazing GenCon! Happy Gaming and enjoy! 

New Books

Site Changes (New Pages)

Site Changes (Other)

  • New Art: All art for the NPCs from the GMG along with the new APG ancestries and classes have been added to their respective entries
  • Archetypes: Main page now shows Dedication Feat level on right side of header
  • Ancestries/Heritages: Ancestries page adjusted to show Versatile Heritages apart from the rest. Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, despite being linked to Humans in the mechanics, are located here now as optional flavor suggests they could come from non-Humans as well
  • Feats: Pages to look at only a specific Skill for Skill Feats now available (eg: Acrobatics)
  • Monsters: Grouped Family information now shows on relevant monsters (eg: Adult Brass Dragon)
  • Sidebars: Sidebars moved to be in-line with the rest of the text on a few sections (Classes, Conditions, Rules). Other pages will be adjusted with future updates.
  • Source Entries: All source entries will now show a version number when errata has been applied - currently only the Core Rulebook shows this. The number we show will follow the format X.Y, where X = Print Number and Y = Errata Release. As this is the first printing and the first set of errata, we use 1.1
  • Spells/Rituals: All Summon spells and three Rituals now show a full list of creatures you can summon/call with them. Per the text of the Spells, only Common creatures are shown with the Summon Spells. The Rituals do not make note of this so all rarities are shown with the three rituals we applied this to. These will automatically update as new creatures are added to the database (eg: Summon Animal, Abyssal Pact)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts