SHF3 v.37 - Spike, saving and loading settings

A smaller update this time! This one's kind of an in-between update, since the major feature I'm working on - oral/deepthroating - isn't done yet. This version just contains the stuff I was able to finish up today.

Tier 2+ patrons can test it out early here! 

Adding (wingless) Spike. He's currently the smallest character in the game so far. He's definitely a WIP, since his rig has some unique challenges to it. I'll keep working to fix glitches and improve the restraints on the dragons especially. There's an adult Spike coming soon as well :3

Adding settings saving and loading. This is a very common request, so I'm glad to finally get to this. Character and game configuration will auto-save, and auto-load when starting the game again. This includes any configuration done in the Personality tab, the Body Mod tab, the gender and body type setup, and the selected face set. It's time-consuming to configure some of this stuff, so hopefully this will cut down on the need to repeatedly set up characters in a certain way.

Each of these areas also contains a "reset" button to easily return to default configuration on individual settings or as a group. There's a "Settings" tab at the top right where you can reset everything at once, and also disable the auto-loading feature entirely if you like starting with a clean slate.

No ability to create save files yet, but I have it in mind! Note that this doesn't save your actual place in the game- you'll still start with a blank setup.


  • Added Spike (WIP)
  • Added settings auto-saving and loading
  • Added reset buttons to all areas where settings can be saved
  • Added reset button to Configurator menu that resets all settings for one character
  • Added Settings menu to top right
  • Added Reset All button
  • Added Auto-load settings toggle

Known bugs

  • A bug appeared right before release that glitched out the eyelashes of all the characters. I did a quick fix but I haven't had time to test it much.
  • Changing Spike's body type will crash the game. He doesn't actually have any other body types right now so just don't click that button >.>
  • Spike may have some placement issues for toys
  • Spike definitely has some glitches with bulges

That's all for now! I'll continue to work on oral as my main focus for right now. Also, I think I'll be finishing up adult Spike and some more material for him soon, and I have some improvements planned for the "body modification" aspect to the gameplay, which is pretty underutilized right now.

<3 <3

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