3AM, Recovering From A Nightmare
It's after 3AM on a Tuesday. I'm in bed, waiting for my heartbeat to calm down from the anxiety of a nightmare. The details of the dream are fast fading from memory but the terror is slower to dissolve.

Meanwhile I checked my Instagram and noted the new likes and new followers. In less than a week I had gained 30+ new followers just by improving my hashtags. It gladdens me to know that my work is getting more chances of being seen and noticed.

Which led me to check on this page and think about making it the main hub for all my current creative posts and updates. So there will be a lot more public posts, and also a lot more patron posts, and when people are ready they can just click on the Become A Patron button and gain access to all the exclusive content.

My main website at weebly will then primarily function as a gallery and online shop, but Patreon will be the main blog for the moment.

On that note, I will be making a list of to-update and to-revise for this page --- from my Creator background and history to the rewards tiers.

The nightmare and its effects have receded now. I'm going back to sleep.