3D Printer, Wha????

So, this morning Josh sends me a message about this 3D printer. I'm kinda looking for one since my last one broke. ....again.
So, I'm looking at this really nicely designed, very affordable 3D printer that has a big community of people giving feedback, and problem solving, and the guy who's producing them is actually listening, and the 3D printer he's coming out with looks spectacular, and has a pile of really good features, and details that you might not realize are super important unless you use the thing a lot. I'm thinking about buying one.

Next thing I know the guy's telling me he's sending me one for free. :-)Huge thanks to Josh. ...and I can't wait to put this thing together, and make some new propellers! ...and stuff ...and other stuff! ...and so much stuff! ....and things.

(I guess I have to say what it is now... Its the new 3D printer coming out from the guy who made the "Tevo Tarantula".)