3D Test Print: Astralizey Logo
I spent the last few months teaching myself how to first turn my sketches into vector images, and then use 3D modeling software to turn my 2D vector designs into 3D jewelry. All that hard work and long nights are soon to pay off! 

I designed a custom zip toggle in 3D that also works as a pendant design, and they're currently being printed in black plastic by ItchyPigCreations, a freelance 3D printing service based in Asheville, NC. These toggles will come standard on all of my bags in the future! I am also going to make a silicone mold of one of them after I sand and finish the piece, so I can quickly cast it on my own in resin (or wax) when needed.

I've attached the test print of the toggle that my printer kindly provided. The final prints will be in black, and I will hand finish each one with a small file before attaching them to my bags. I've had enough printed that I will have plenty left over to turn into pendants and keychains for sale, as well!

I also put the design up on Shapeways, here, where you can order it for yourself in all kinds of materials and colors, from acrylic, to steel, to raw silver! I ordered samples in black steel for my upcoming lookbook. Throughout May, patrons can vote on their favorite materials, and decide what materials will be available in my main shop inventory when the collection launches in June!

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