3D Veneitan Hotel Las Vegas
You may visit at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and amazed by the beauty reflected in any details.

You may see thousands photos of this spectacular hotel, but you have never seen the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas in 3D Artwork  Decoupage just because this piece of art is so unique and one of a kind. 

This is one of my favorite pieces that I made, I love everything regard Venice and specially this spectacular Hotel.  The beauty and precision reflected in every corner amazes me over and over again, so I decide to have this amazing creation in my own studio and collections on 3D wall Artwork . 

Every minute that I work on this art piece it was a pleasure, phase of the design to an end, integrated challenge the accuracy obsession.

A great respect for the designers and the creative people that make this incredible hotel and my goal was to reach the utmost accuracy of 3D artwork created.

After a lot investment of thought and strenuous work I was able to convey the impression that anyone who sees this picture can feel that he is sitting in a cafe sipping coffee and enjoy   the spectacular gondolas sailing. All the main elements pop out of the picture.