3D Victorian Lady
 This amazing Image of Victorian Lady in 3D artwork is one of a large collection , made by the technique that I developed for years. The basis for this incredible artwork is a poster where many layers of the same image are accurately cut by hand to create the volume of 3 D Artwork Decoupage (Collage) and every item gets the undivided attention to the tiniest detail where major elements pop out of the picture and all the artwork come alive and broadcast luxury and beauty.

So, why my 3D Artwork is so special and unique?

Well, how can you explain in words something that only eyes can appreciate?

One significant thing about most of my pictures is that mere looking at them there is a feeling of strong involvement induced. People easily get carried away with the uniqueness of the artwork.

All my 3D art are one of a kind, unique, distinctive and etched in your mind.

This amazing and unique 3D Artwork is perfect any luxury interior design giving your interior just the look you desire, perfect for a variety of events, a gift for a new office or home to people you love, a birthday gift that everyone would be more than happy to receive, a unique and unforgettable gift for all the most significant events in your life to keep the incident excitement over the years.

My 3 D Artwork Decoupage (Collage) Wall art turn any wall space to a centerpiece, you cannot stay indifferent to this art that is for sure.

You welcome to attach your own print picture or poster to transfer it in 3D Decoupage piece and I can send you a price offer. I love making my customers satisfied.

Please contact me if you have any inquiries!