4.13.0 release !
Greetings everyone !

The 4.13.0 release patched for RK3288 systems is now available on RockMyy-Build repositories. As always, the compilation script and patches are available on RockMyy.

Nothing much to say about this release, beside the fact that the patches that were added to fix a crash on boot are now integrated into the kernel.

The VPU kernel driver is still being developed but dealing with :

  • Memory Management Units
  • Memory Mapped Input Output
  • Input Output Memory Management Unit
  • Direct Memory Access

at the same time is currently overwhelming to me. I guess I'll have to play with these techs using a barebone system in order to have a good understanding on how these things work.
Also, I still don't know what kind of values the VPU get passed from the user software, so I'll have to analyse how Rockchip MPP works in order to get the whole picture.

Meanwhile, I'll take contact with the Rockchip developers working on the IOMMU side and see if they can provide some hint on how to resolve the various issues that I pinpointed in the VPU's IOMMU code.