4/30/17 Plein Air Rig
Again, following the Gurney example, I constructed this light weight easel set-up from stuff I had lying around the house. The bottom is an old collapsible aluminum camera tripod. The top is my table top easel, attached to the tripod with an A-clamp. I also used an A-Clamp to put my watercup within reach. What's missing with this rig is space for the paints and palette to make it more hands free, so I had to leave my paints on the ground and had to hold my paper-plate palette the whole time. The wind wasn't my friend that day, so I did have to keep a hand or leg on the tripod to keep it from falling over (but it was a rather windy day).

Gurney promised a DIY rig building video soon, so I look forward to that. I'm sure I have enough stuff at home to add on to this set up. It wasn't perfect, but it was great for my first time out using it. Next time I plan on doing this, I'll see if I can't add some more conveniences to it.  It was certainly better than painting on my lap.