Hello friends!

I have finished work on Spiral King Comics #5! I drew 76 pages of comics, which will become Spiral King #5 and #6, so far this year. You can expect Spiral King Comics #6 to be available on May 4th, but you can get a copy from me at Chicago Zine Fest on April 30.

These issues are the first two parts of a story about my favorite band, The Protomen, getting in to how they changed and affected my life and how it felt to watch something that was so thoroughly mine start to become an important part of other people's lives, independent of me.

I have a few upcoming appearances. As I previously said, I will be at Chicago Zine Fest on April 30, as well as Milwaukee Comic Con on July 24, and SPX on September 17 and 18. Hopefully I'll see you there!

In preparation for SPX, I have plans to make a number of things. Including Spiral King issues 6, 7, and 8, a couple of prints, new stickers, buttons, and patches. Look out for these designs to appear in Patron only posts in the upcoming months!

You're all wonderful.