4/4 20/20 and piano solo


DId I really forget to mention that we have already planned the record release party???

Well we did, and I did, and sorry! (I put it in the newsletter and some of you already booked their flights :-D I can only keep stressing sign up to the newsletter :-D you never know if patreon might block me. it´s a US platform, after all, and it has happened before.)

It will be in Berlin, at our own place`s club KULTURHAUS KILI who usually do multicultural parties, rap battles, and Goa parties, and which used to be my opera house when we were still the opera troupe canteatro... 

so it will be fun!

Save the date: 4/4 2020!



We will have, apart from us, a lot of pianos on stage, and I kid you not - I´ll put TWO pianos on stage and invite all my key friends to battle with me. I hope Mishkin can fit it into her tour schedule, we´ll have Moran Magal the Heavy Metal queen, and The Jack Affair will make party. Also there might be some very special guests from the UK with their very special performances... And dancers. And Die Lichtwerker from Northern Germany who did two amazing shows with us before offered to come and make their analog lightdesign (ANALOG!) just because they love us. And my wonderful friend Philine Massaczek will DJ - she has a huge bag punk and wave rarities, and also a lot of cabaret and swing music. 


Apart from this, I´ll be playing my first ever piano solo show this Saturday at Schloß Neuenhagen close to Berlin! On a grand, not on an electric (not that I mind but it´s still nice). I´ll stream and record this as a teaser for the OTHER upcoming album - because thanks to Nico and Julie, we have BURST a BOUNDARY and reached the next goal - the piano solo album! I´ll release these songs one by one or maybe in small clouts, as they come along, and in the end have them mastered to a nice round package for you.



The live stream will be in the Super Patreon group (15+ patrons) first so make sure you´re a member! I can only add you myself if we´re friends on facebook but if you knock I´ll open :-D


Next up: 

- I AM AN ICEBERG stream for all patrons, download for 3+ patrons

- the last chapters of my studio blog



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