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4.5 Guardian Fighter
I know, another "Guardian." I'm sorry, This one supersedes the others -- the first was a Warden, the others were Paladins, this is a Fighter. I'll rename the Guardian Paladin. And that Warden I was working on, just as soon as I have time. Maybe "Protector" and "Sentinel." Dang, there's already a Sentinel Druid. Anyway! The Guardian (this one) incorporates a couple things I've been working on for like, a month. First is the reintegration of stances, which I've been avoiding for a while. I wanted to come up with a good way to approach stances, and I came up with one! Most classes that get a stance will get one stance. Just one. They will probably only ever need one stance, and it's a minor action to activate -- so it's kind of like drawing a weapon. You draw a weapon as a minor action, then assume a stance as a minor action. I'll probably develop a feat or two that combine the actions of drawing/sheathing weapons and assuming stances. The Guardian is "the" tankiest of tanks. Best armor, best shields, great hit points, Combat Superiority, the best parts of Combat Challenge without Marking, and the ability to pull and attack all adjacent enemies. This class's greatest weakness is the Dazed condition, which will shut down approximately 50% of its abilities -- the Guardian *loves* Opportunity Attacks. Those attacks that pull enemies closer -- note that they add their Weapon enhancement bonus to the attack roll. That's going to hit pretty much anything -- most enemies are going to have pretty poor Will defenses. The main thing this class is going to need is healing -- because it's going to make enemies of pretty much everyone on the board (except his allies of course).
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