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Holy hell, I let this get out of hand! I was gonna make one of these in February and then also in March, but both times Davoo ended up working so far down to the wire on the last video of the month that it didn't leave me with enough time (In March's case, we were leaving for a trip that day), so now I've got this mammoth amount of stuff to mark. But this is the last time we'll have to do this, because as of next month, all of this stuff will be accounted for in the first place! Anyways, here's the categorized list:

*** = Must-Watch, ** = Worthwhile, * = Only if you're bored

Broad Anime Analysis/History

My Disconnect With American Dramas (vs. Anime) *** - In which I put into words why it's so much harder for me to get into American live-action shows as compared to anime. 

What The Fuck Is Moe?? *** - A winding, impassioned rant about the death of the word moe and how no one understands it. 

How Much Do Anime Studios Matter? ** - In which I argue that there's more to the importance of studios than meets the eye.

Where All the Good Light Novels Came From ** - A summary of the Faust magazines where so many of my favorite light novel authors collaborated.

Reacting to Watchmojo's Asinine Anime Deconstruction Video ** - A fun screed against the whole misconception about anime deconstructions. 

A Guide To "Cute Girls Doing Cute Things" (Explained) ** - A video explaining in-depth the decisions that went into creating my epic cute girls chart. Some people thought the chart itself  should've been patroned lol. 

Can Anime Be Too Pretty For Its Own Good? ** - In which I argue that Hibike Euphonium is actually so pretty that it creates misunderstandings about its intent.

So, How Was 2016 Anime? * - Final thoughts on the year's overall quality after finishing all of it's shows. 

Musings on How My Tastes Changed Over 10 Years of Anime Blogging * - As described.

There's No Reason To Say "Hentai" * - For some reason this became a meme.

You're Right: There's Also No Reason To Say "Anime" * - Maybe that's why.

Anime Is A Contest * - I don't actually remember what this one was about.

"Anime Questions Only" Livestream Recording * - As described.

Broad-Topic Analysis

Insomnia Analysis 3: No Fucks Left *** - Another of my gigantic, self-indulgent all-night thought dumps that jumps between all sorts of broad analytical topics--some pretty interesting!

Has Complacency Killed the Internet? *** - A long rant about the problems that have arisen from the centralized culture of the modern internet, and suggestions on how we should move away from it.

How Good Ideas Can Hurt New Ideas ** - How an idea being too good makes everyone else copy it.

The Identity Politics of Sharing ** - Not what the title apparently made some people think it would be lol. It's a video about how everyone tries to shape their identity through what they share, and the problems this invites.

The Artist Is Not Abstract ** - Thinking about the fact that in no medium can the artist be sidestepped as an abstract concept.

Can Irreverence Save Comedy On Youtube? * - Suggesting that people fucking around with youtube's algorithm may be the key to correcting it.

On Fading Abilities and Opinions With Time (also updates) * - Just some errant thoughts on the transience of abilities and opinions.

Blip 1: The Time You See * - Musing on how you actually see very little of a daily vlogger's daily life.

Atlanta Vlog * - In-between general memeing around Atlanta is a long rant about how there needs to be anime youtubers who know more than me.

Who Cares About Awards Shows?? * - Literally who?

Talking About Writing/Videomaking

 Why Digibro Is (Still) After Dark ** - A long and winding musing about how and why I make content, because I've never done that before lol 

tbh, "Otaku Gonzo Journalist" is just a pretentious phrasing of "Otaku Life Blogger" ** - More musings on how/why I do what I do, this time as a follow-up to the drama bomb I'd just created.

How I Learned To Write Gooder ** - A full-bore exploration of my writing style's evolution over the last 10 years. If you want to feel good about your writing, hearing what I sounded like even five years ago should help.

Audio Mixing In Analysis Videos * - An instructional guide on how to think more about what you're doing with audio in your videos.

Turning Your Blog Into Youtube (is easier and cheaper than you think) * - Literally a guide to how to convert an anime blog to a youtube channel.

On the Three Types of Videos I Make * - This could be considered the precursor idea to how we've reached the point of wanting to change how the patreon works.

Above the Earth, Haunted; Behind the Scenes * - Shade and I go in-depth on how we conceptualized each song on our EP.


Finish or Fail: #8 , #9 , #10 , #11 , #12 , OVAs 1 , OVAs 2 , Final ** - My impressions of every 2016 anime that I hadn't gotten to yet, either after finishing, or after dropping them.

Pacing Around, Raving About Vivid Strike For Like Half An Hour ** - As it says, I had a lot to say about the new Nanoha thing.

Gi(a)rlish Number: The Shirobako Follow-Up I've Been Waiting For ** - Rambling vlog about how much I enjoyed Girlish Number. Mostly got re-purposed into the main-channel video about the series.

Father John Misty's "Pure Comedy" Is Emotional Overkill ** - Thoughts on how some art can just be so wallowing that I can't sit through it.

Whaddya Mean, Euphonium's Not Gay?? * - In which I get very disturbed by the revelation that Euphonium isn't gay.

The Briliant Irony of Casey Neistat's Oscars Commercial * - As described.

The Hilariously Effective Timeliness of Sun Kil Moon's New Album * - Musing about the interesting aspects of Mark Kozelek's songwriting style.

DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar's Casual Album? * - Impressions of the new Kendrick Lamar album. Longer than it had to be, but introduces some new ideas about the album that I hadn't seen others putting into words.

Podcasts/Guest Appearances

Old-Ass Anime Cast *** - A weekly podcast reflecting on my history with older shows that I've struggled to find an approach to talk about.

Eromanga-sensei Every Week w/ Best Guy Ever ** - A series in which we watch each new episode of the terrible current anime Eromanga-sensei and react to it for an absurd amount of time. It's hilarious and fun.

Part 3) YouTube Is Still A Problem, What Do? ** - Tommy Oliver and I discuss how to fix youtube's monetization problems.

The Pro Crastinators/Decompression Chamber/Etc. ** - I was in a lot of podcasts on PCP and did a lot of solo ones as well. Just look around for 'em.

Insufferable Social Media Argument: The Podcast ** - A satire comedy podcast that I've been hosting on Mumkey's channel with him as the co-host.

Digi Bros ** - There was a really random spattering of Digi Bros over the last few months. A bunch more will come eventually lol.

Stealing Your Dad, As If It Was Easy * - Fast food review podcasts that I've been co-hosting with Munchy. Terrible audio. 

Sly 2 Hippocrit Livestream * - I co-hosted a livestream with Hippo for like 4 hours, and at some point it evolved into a full-blown PCP.

The Pub Crawl  * - I've been doing this weekly podcast for like 4 years and I always forget to mention it because I don't edit it lol.

Mumkey's Shitposts * - I guest-appeared in like thirty shitposts on Mumkey's side-channel in the last few months.

Patreon Needs Competition * - Endless Jess joins me for a discussion of the problems with Patreon as a platform.

Weekly Vlog Series

Manga Mondays* - Review/Recommendations of manga that I've read recently. The only one of these which will live on.

Vinyl Fridays * - Review/Recommendations of some of my favorite albums.

Alcohol on Sundays * - Drunken, rambunctious beer recommendations.

DVD Tuesdays * - Half-assed anime and Japanese film recommendations.

Gaming Wednesdays * - The lowest-effort game reviews on the internet. 

About All Those Weekly Vlogs (+ Updates)  - Just explaining what these thigns were. 


Fat and Dangerous [Music Video] ** - The greatest music video ever for the best song that I've ever made.

Above the Earth, Haunted [Full EP] ** - An experimental EP that my brother and I put together.

My Soundcloud ** - I released a ton of shit on there.

Get Action! (ft. Endless Jess) [Music video] ** - Dope video for one of our most popular songs.

Failure (We Make It Look Cool) [ft. Endless Jess] - Music Video ** - Dope ass possy video for one of our best songs.


just shittalking other anime youtubers for like half an hour, oh god what have I done ** - idk what I was thinking.

White Light * - Meme.

Digibro After Dark Livestream Test?? * - Long ass livestream recording.

Answering This Youtuber Question Tagging Thing * - Random QnA.