4 Months of art
 It's been a third of a year gone already!  It's also been 4 months since I decided to take the plunge on beginning to take my art more seriously and to try and slowly submerge myself into the Freelancing world.  

A lot has happened in the last 4 months.  I have seen my style evolve drastically and it's turned into something that I am extremely happy with.  I have made friends with so many amazing artists, a select few I now hold very close and dear to me and hope to meet them face to face in the near future.  
I have also began selling my artwork, taking on commissions and built a website, etsy store and started getting active of multiple social media platforms to which has greatly encouraged me to produce more work.  I have also been told I will be losing my job and am forced to downgrade to a lesser paid, more work day job.  I have also booked my first holiday with my other half since we got together three years ago - prepping for Disneyworld Florida next year! (only 480 odd days to go...)

It's had it's ups and downs - but as more time passes, the more I am enjoying my art.  A day hasn't gone by where I haven't drawn something.  In the past, I would draw for a month or so, then drop it for even longer.  But now I can't deal with not drawing something.  I hardly even game anymore because I would rather be drawing!  

The photo above shows just a snippet of some of the paintings I have made in the last 4 months - there are more, and there are also my sketchbook studies and doodles.  I didn't realise I did this much until I took it all out and laid it out like this!  Excluding a few, all of these are sale and the majority can be found on my Etsy store.  (There are a couple of pieces from WolfSkullJack  on the wall there, too!) 

I have really enjoyed my time on here.  And I hope you have as well.  I will keep this blog public as it's a large milestone for me.  I can't wait to see what the next 4 months brings me.  I hope to grow bigger and better as each day passes, I also hope I keep up this positive mojo of producing art (I need a new sketchbook and I have already ran out of watercolour paper now!) 

Thank you all for sticking with me, and hello to the new patrons who have decided to join my whacky group!  Here's to 4 months and hopefully many more productive, colourful art filled months! <3