4 REAL Sightings of Shapeshifters
These 4 unlucky people share their REAL Sightings of Skinwalkers, Werewolves and other shapeshifters. Do you believe in the Skinwalker? Werewolf? Shapeshifters? Darkness Prevails presents these real ghost stories of real skinwalker stories and a skinwalker sighting, real werewolf stories and a werewolf sighting,  and more real monsters seen in our national forests and national parks. The forest is haunted! So, let's dive into those haunted woods and find the strange animals that live there ;) Enjoy these bedtime stories of the scary woods and creepy creatures!

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True Scary Stories List:

- Unknown Monster - A Real Monster Sighting of a shapeshifter from the forest by Paige L.

- Real Skinwalker Sighting in Lousiana - A Skinwalker story by Alyx_Lizard_Queen99

- A Real Werewolf Sighting in the haunted woods by islandlebreez1

- Werewolf Sighting - A creepy bedtime story by Colby S.

Background Footage courtesy of pixabay.com!

Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound at epidemicsound.com and Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com

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