4 Ways Of Blending Colors In Photoshop | TUTORIAL | How To Blend Colors
4 Ways Of Blending Colors In Photoshop. Photoshop Basics Tutorial for Beginners. Learn the difference between amateur techniques and professional techniques, what works and what doesn't, which process is the quickest and which process is the slowest and much more!

Also, THANK YOU So Much for the 17,000 Subs! It means a lot and the only thing that keeps me going.

For all the love and Support, I'm launching this new photoshop tutorial series for beginners where I'll be sharing some cool tips and tricks of photoshop and how to grow as an artist.

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These are some methods and techniques I picked up and discovered over the years and its a journey of how i progressed from being a beginner to becoming a professional and how i evolved with time and experience.

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