CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF SUCCESS: Today is my 4 year anniversary. I remember getting off of the plane on September 25th, 2016. I had landed in Los Angeles just 2.5 hours away from home with no job, my partner no longer speaking to me because I chose to leave, 2 acquaintances in the city and a couch to stay on. It is now four years later and I am grateful to have so many great friends, a refreshed heart, and the energy to take on several more years of any challenge that comes my way. I am grateful. So today, as I wait for my 8am photo client, I must simply breath and be thankful. I left with very little to stand on. As of yet, I have been traveling often, started a photography business, perform frequently, reading carefully through a record contract through Primus Entertainment, about to go on tour next week with Vaud and the Villains, I have experience real love on multiple occasions, and I have my physical and mental health. With God, you guys and a cup of tea, I can do anything and I am happy to be here on this planet. Thank you everyone for encouraging me to make this bold move, for being there for me when times get rough, and for loving my work. Love you all, Sheldon As sponsors it is important that you also know that both Tray, our drummer, and Earl, our bass player are in the hospital and in very bad condition. Earl fortunately is recovering now (3 months in) and is in home care. Tray, we found our yesterday, is not doing well at all. He experience internal bleeding in his brain and is unconscious, But we are hopeful for the both of them and will keep you posted. The EP is still being made and we are very excited. Thank you for your love and support and additionally for your patience as we tend to our family. Nothing can stop a high spirit and a strong support team. Thank you all.