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Just updating Patreon with my videos from the last two weeks =)
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  • Be credited in almost every piece of work I create.

  • Receive a special emblem in my twitch.tv game, Tribal Tension. 
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  • Get all of the $1 tier rewards

  • Get immediate access to new tutorial videos as soon as they are ready, before public release.

  • Vote in polls to select upcoming video topics.

  • Get access to source code not released in tutorials, snippets, games I'm working on and other bits and pieces. 
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The most magical wizards with the fanciest robes.

  • An extra voice shout out at the end of my videos goes to everyone pledging this amount or above. 

  • In addition, you'll get free access to every game, resource or tool I ever create (or have created) for as long as this Patreon is active. 

  • At this tier you can also add me on Skype/Discord (whichever you prefer) and hit me up if you're struggling with something in GameMaker. I'll see what I can do to help!
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