40 Patreons & Adepticon!
Wow Cant believe we are already at the 40 Patreon point! Thank you all so much for your continued support!! 

Im going to be at adepticon the next week so if you see me come say hello! Id love to chat painting and anything else. Id also love to sit down and paint with you. 

The next color theory video on red is in the process of being editied and will be released twords the end of the month. 

For the people who are supporting at higher levels dont forget to take advantage of what youre paying for. I want to make sure youre getting your moneys worth!

Hope to see some of you soon happy painting!


Tier Benefits
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Pirate Supporter
$1 or more per month 4 patrons
Official Supporter status! Every Dollar Counts!

This means 

- You'll get access to my patron-only feed,  

- Endless appreciation for joining my team!

"Mornings are for coffee and Contemplation"
-Sheriff Hopp

Pirate Crew
$5 or more per month 88 patrons
Avast Mateys!!! You guys are the beating heart of the Crew!

- Access to all of the video tutorials  that are produced monthly. 

- Access to twice a month Patreon only Streams!

-Access to Subscriber only Discord!

Pirate Corporal
$13 or more per month 1 of 1 patrons
Pirate Sergeant
$15 or more per month 16 patrons
Ye Bosuns are the Best of the Best!!

- All Previous awards 

- Personalized Photoshop feedback on your projects.This visual feedback will have a profound effect on your learning!

- Personalized Goal for your Painting!  

(combination of the old $13 & $20 Tiers)

Pirate Sergeant
$20 or more per month 1 of 1 patrons
Pirate Liuetenant
$40 or more per month 5 of 10 patrons
 The Best Worst Pirates on the 7 Seas!!

- One on one hour long personalized training over video chat!

- All previous rewards!

- My eternal gratitude

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