40 Things I Learned In 40 Years
WOW!  It is very hard to believe that I am actually 40 years old!   I met my sweet hubby/best friend for Life when I was 19.  Time just flies by and boy have we both changed so much over the years!  I am so thankful that we met and married at a young age and have been able to change and grow together over time.  We have experienced so much of life together and I feel like we have really grown up together.

Now looking over my big "expecting" baby belly...and chasing after two little toddlers all day, I feel immensely BLESSED!  When you are really young you have this "plan" or vision of what your life will be like.  I never imagined in a million years that we would be living in Texas, in the country, with 5 beautiful children and a new little one on the way!

God has been so good to us and continues to grow and change us.  I am very very thankful for the grace that He bestowed unto me and Great Salvation and hope that I can pass on and share with my children.  I am not worthy of any of His blessings and yet He in His great mercy loves me.  ~TM