Presupported files anouncement!

Hey guys and gals!  

Some exciting news about our presupported files.

Yessik and his team are going to be working with us on presupported files for the next releases!

As you all know we had our own team working on these files but now they will be working with Yessik so we can offer all files in a timely fashion and in the quality you have been accustomed so far. We hope to give you guys an outstanding result combining what we already know with Yessik's experience!

If you have questions on settings or setup of the files feel free to mention Yessik either on our Discord server or our Facebook group!

We want to say a big thank you to TJ Robichaux for helping out with files since December, he helped us out a lot in being the first Patreon to offer presupported files.

This has been mentioned elsewhere before but here is a summary of it all:

This is meant to be an informative post for both old and new patrons!  

  • Our presupported files are free, there will be no presupported tier, at least not now.  
  • Our presupported files are produced by Yessik and his team that are working with Archvillain Games. 
  • Our presupported files are optimized for resin printers, not FDM. 
  • Our presupported files are tested multiple times on different printers to make sure they work with the majority of commercial resin printers. 

Sometimes we make updates and/or edits to our presupported files, we notify you via Patreon posts and you can see what we changed and when in the CHANGELOG.txt we include on the monthly release folder.

Our presupported files are not perfect, they are not guaranteed to work with every machine or resin, they are saved in .chitubox project files form so you can edit the support work as you wish.

We only provide presupported files in one scale, we rarely do multiple scales, as this adds to the workload and it is quite hard to pull off more support work in one month, we would rather deliver timely to all of you!  

Sometimes we do different versions of the same model with slight changes, we will always offer you the main version presupported!

That being said, this is an effort to save everyone some time. If it does not work for you, you might need to consider doing it yourself, recalibrating your machine, etc. 

We have a large database of users and you can always get help from our crew by posting on the Facebook group or on the #help section of Discord.  

As always, thank you for being part of our journey and helping us create cool stuff for your table!

Happy printing!

The Archvillain Team 

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