Content Summary for July 2020

Aug 3, 2020

This is a list of content I posted to, or found useful, on Twitter. And stuff I posted to my blog, and Patreon.

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The pdfs collating the content below are on this post for $5 and above Patreons.


Looking through my daily notes I can see that I released some new practice test apps:

I used the new functionality in GitHub to create a readme page to showcase the various projects that I have easily accessible online.

I also made my simple JavaScript games and apps public using GitPages

API Challenges

API Challenges is a pretty major undertaking:

  • hosted on heroku
  • free to access and use
  • stores challenge progress on S3
  • has 30+ challenges
  • has a functional API
  • built in documentation
  • swagger file to download
  • a view only GUI to see the data
  • available to download and run as a jar file

I've started creating videos and blog posts around the challenges because while I already have information on API Testing there are more real world nuances than I could really cover in that book. The challenge debrief videos will allow me to explore the nuances in the context of a challenge that hopefully people will have worked through.

Most of the challenges only take a few minutes to solve if you know the technology. And like security testing CTFs or Viv Richard's Testers Playground they are useful refreshers when you already know the technology, and useful guides when you are learning.

BreakPoint 2020

I also presented at BrowserStack's BreakPoint 2020. This gave me a chance to talk about some approaches to automating that I don't really talk about much, but have code examples online. Simple model based automation approaches and in browser and debug protocol uses.

New Course

My new Linkedin Learning Course on WebDriver Page Objects and Abstractions was released:

The Test Application I created for the course can be found here:


Much of the API challenge work was documented on Patreon as I was building it. With some lessons learned on Security Testing, using Browser Mob Proxy, Uni Rest, SQL ( And I released all the challenge videos early, ad free, with transcripts.

I released a recording of my BrowserStack talk to Patreon supporters.

There is also now, a dedicated Patreon discord server to support adhoc chat and link sharing for Patreon supporters.

Twitter Summary for June 2020

This summary is pulled from reports generated by (A free Twitter Client)

I filter by user @eviltester, show retweets, and replies. Then look in the page source to find the markdown to copy and paste.

A few things that caught my eye I saw when reviewing my Twitter feed:

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