Improved Stylized Water(fall) Interactive | Legacy

EDIT: I added refraction and some sparkles at low angles Pastebin Link 

Hi all,

I wanted to share this upgraded waterfall shader.

It's a combination and improvement on the Waterfall Shader  and the Interactive Water setup , so the explanation in those posts is still applicable. I just added a few extra things.

You need a mesh with smooth normals to make this work, I've attached the mesh from above gif.

What has been added:

  • Interactive Setup
  • Depth Coloring (Like in the URP water version)
  • Surface shader setup for Smoothness and normals
  • Reflection setup
  • Vertex displacement on the vertical parts

Shader Code: PasteBin Link 

Adding reflections

NOTE: This only works for flat parts, so if you have a puddle somewhere, not on the waterfall itself.

The shader will keep working the same, so just don't add this script to waterfall-meshes.

Script (Edited from the Standard Assets PlanarReflection script) PasteBin Link 

Add this script to your flat water meshes and drag the Material in the slot.

The Quality property is the renderTexture size, bigger rendertexture is crisper but costs more performance.

Settings Example:

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