“Equinox” oil on canvas, 30”x40”

Sep 1, 2020

Hello, beloved Friends,

Finally have some things to share with you. This piece is done, and has a home, for which I am immensely grateful and joyous. Above, it depicts the view from Lough Crew, County Meath, Ireland on the Autumnal Equinox a few years ago. A pack of strangers, “civilians” and two members of the Irish archaeological society, were all huddled about in the cold, early-morning darkness awaiting dawn, hoping for sun. Some came for history, some for culture, some curiosity, and some for the spiritual significance of this ancient, sacred place. The whole view was obscured by a heavy, dense mist as dawn began to lighten the sky. Voices were mere hushed whispers, as we all gazed, shivering, into the dense fog cloaking the sun, until... a sliver of blue, a shimmer of gold, in the fog turning to dew. We watched silently, reverently, in wonder, the sunlight burning off the mist, like trails of incense, enormous swathes of pearl-white clouds drifting in on the wind, revealing the valleys of green, gold, and orangey reds encircling this place, “Slieve na Cailliagh,” translated “The Hill of the Crone (aka “The Hill of the Hag”).”

There is a cairn (passage tomb) on the hill, built to welcome the dawn’s light on the Autumnal and Spring Equinoxes. So, for a few days on either side of the Equinox, the sun’s first light shines through the cairn’s entrance passage, and into the central chamber, illuminating carved suns, chevrons, cup and ring marks...maps of interwoven astronomical and earthly cycles. It is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful inside. All of Ireland’s cairns were carefully built on harmonious ley lines. This cairn’s entry passage is carved from end to end with symbols.

Below, is the moon over the Aille River in Doolin, on the west coast of Ireland, in Clare. Just beyond the distant bend of the water lies the Atlantic. It is a dance of balance between night and day, sun and moon, seen and veiled. The East, the place of Sun’s rising, new beginnings, clarity, and Spring; and the West, the place of the heart and water’s mysteries, Autumn’s transformations lush and whispering like wind and the waves of the sea. See the symbols, from the carvings within Slieve na Caillaigh, on the left rising from west and night, up into the eastern dawn.

❤️Love, peace and gratitude to you, my friends.


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