How to use Bin Checker Online


This well-designed application was made to help users quickly find the details about credit card and debit cards based on its BIN, or sometimes called IIN. BIN stands for Bank Identification Number while IIN for Issuer Identification Number. With our responsive app, physical stores, and online shops, who have been accepting, card payment of all types: credit, debit, charge, prepaid, etc; are able to access very important data about payment cards from consumers. Our up-to-date BIN List database can effectively return the card type, scheme, network, country, and some to all issuer bank information related to a BIN search. The user then can match the BIN lookup data on our site with the consumer's presented details to proceed with cautions.

Accuracy may be Everything

With quite a few online BIN Checker software that is not providing good accuracy about the card billing data, users often beat themselves up wondering if this or that BIN lookup any good? The accuracy of a BIN lookup is very important for the effective prevention of fraud. While selecting an online checker, always keep in mind the accuracy of information. Our BIN List has shown an over 99% accuracy rate. And that is what really helps a business thrive while avoiding unnecessary future headaches from bad consumers.

Expected changes of BIN or IIN number in the near Future

There is a general concern that is hovering in the minds of departmental authorities about the length of the card. While the speculation is rife about the following two scenarios:

That the current six-digit number may be extended to eight or so

There may be an addition in the form of alpha-numeric

For now, we still stick with 6 digit prefix of a card for all lookups

Final Words

The IIN /BIN List is a great step taken towards creating a mechanism where payment transactions can be better safeguarded for sellers' peace of mind. This both technological and financial step is a move in the right direction in the wake that the world has witnessed the massive, wide, and deep of fraudulent payment activities, which presented losses to the tens of USD billions every year

How It Works

The primary digit of the BIN specifies the main Industry Identifier, like airline, banking, or travel, and therefore the next five digits specify the issuing institution or bank. for instance, the MII for a Visa MasterCard starts.

The BIN quickly helps a merchant identify which bank the cash is being transferred from, the address and telephone number of the bank, if the issuing bank is within the same country because the device won’t to make the transaction, and verifies the address information provided by the customer. The amount allows merchants to simply accept multiple sorts of payment and allows faster processing of transactions.

When a customer makes a web purchase, the customer enters her card details on the payment page. After submitting the primary four to 6 digits of the cardboard, the web retailer can detect which institution issued the customer’s card, the cardboard brand, and therefore the issuing bank country.

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